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 Wagner Die Meistersinger Von Nürnberg (Highlights) LP 
Red & White Semi Circle Label - With Insert - Slight Staining To Rear Of Sleeve 
UK HMV  ALP 2253 VG++/EX Classical £6.00 Info  Buy 
 Wagner / nilsson / windgassen / Frick / Fischer-di Götterdämmerung (Highlights) LP 
Stereo - Narrow Band Label - Writing On Rear Sleeve - (name Xmas Greeting) - With Insert - Light Brown Spot Staining To Rear Sleeve & Insert... 
UK Decca  SXL 6220 NM/VG++ Classical £6.00 Info  Buy 
 Wagner / vienna Philharmonic - solti Die Walküre - Highlights LP 
Mono - Plum Label - Red Inner Sleeve - With Insert 
UK Decca  MET 390 EX++/EX++ Classical £8.00 Info  Buy 
 Waikiki Beach Boys South Sea Island Magic LP 
UK Music For Pleasure  MFP 1080 EX++/EX++ Easy Listening £4.00 Info  Buy 
 Waikikis Aloha Hawaii LP 
UK Concert Hall  SPSC 1305 VG++/VG++ Easy Listening £4.00 Info  Buy 
 Waikikis One Little Rose b/w Hawaiian Lollipop 7" 
Company Sleeve 
UK Pye International  7N 25356 EX++ Rock And Pop £7.00 Info  Buy 
 Waikikis The Best Of The Waikikis - Hawaii Tattoo LP 
UK Emerald Gem  GES 1186 VG++/EX++ Easy Listening £4.00 Info  Buy 
 Waikikis White Christmas b/w Mauna Loa 7" 
UK Pye International  7N 25172 EX++ Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
Wain Nelson - Christmas Time b/w Santa ClauseWain Nelson Christmas Time b/w Santa Clause 7" 
Solid Centre - Clean Labels 
UK Attack  ATT 8134 NM- Reggae £7.00 Info  Buy 
Walk On Fire - Blind FaithWalk On Fire Blind Faith 12" 
UK MCA  MCAT 1418 M/NM Rock And Pop £12.00 Info  Buy 
 Walker Brothers Deadlier Than The Male b/w Archangel 7" 
No Original Centre 
UK Philips  BF 1537 EX++ Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
 Walker Brothers Love Her b/w The Seventh Dawn 7" 
Philips Company Sleeve 
UK Philips  BF 1409 NM Rock And Pop £7.00 Info  Buy 
 Walker Brothers Make It Easy On Yourself b/w But I Do 7" 
Company Sleeve 
UK Philips  BF 1428 EX++ Rock And Pop £7.00 Info  Buy 
 Walker Brothers My Ship Is Coming In b/w You're All Around Me 7" 
UK Philips  BF 1454 NM Rock And Pop £6.00 Info  Buy 
 Walkmen Bows + Arrows CD 
EUROPE Record Collection  9362-48680-2 VG+/M Rock And Pop £3.00 Info  Buy 
Wall Of Voodoo - Big CityWall Of Voodoo Big City 7" 
UK I.R.S. Rrecords  IRS 116 M/EX++ Rock And Pop £6.00 Info  Buy 
Walshe & Fingers - Give Me Some LoveWalshe & Fingers Give Me Some Love 12" 
UK High Voltage  SH 003 NM Dance £5.00 Info  Buy 
 Walt Disney A Musical Souvenir Of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom LP 
Picture Disc 
 Walt Disney Productions  W-2 EX++/EX++ Easy Listening £18.00 Info  Buy 
 Walt Disney Aladin And His Wonderful Lamp LP 
Library Stamp On Back Of Sleeve 
UK Disneyland  ST 3989 VG++/VG++ Childrens £4.00 Info  Buy 
 Walt Disney Animal Stories Of Aesop LP 
Library Stamp On Back Of Sleeve 
UK Disneyland  DQ 1221 EX++/EX Childrens £8.00 Info  Buy 
 Walt Disney Goldilocks And The Three Bears LP 
Library Stamp On Back Of Sleeve 
UK Disneyland  DQ 1250 EX++/EX Childrens £12.00 Info  Buy 
 Walt Disney Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes (with Sterling Holloway) LP 
UK Disneyland  DQ 1211E EX+/EX++ Childrens £12.00 Info  Buy 
 Walt Disney Peter And The Wolf (Sterling Holloway + The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Dukas )) LP 
Gatefold Sleeve With Illustrated Book 
UK Disneyland  ST 3926 M/EX+ Childrens £10.00 Info  Buy 
 Walt Disney Songs From Bedknobs And Broomsticks LP 
UK Disneyland  DQ 1326 EX-/EX Childrens £8.00 Info  Buy 
 Walt Disney Tubby The Tuba LP 
UK Disneyland  DQ 1287 EX+/EX++ Childrens £10.00 Info  Buy 
Walter Wanderley - MoondreamsWalter Wanderley Moondreams LP 
UK A&M  AMLB1014 EX/EX Easy Listening £8.00 Info  Buy 
Wanda Jackson - Country GospelWanda Jackson Country Gospel LP 
UK Word  WST 9514 VG++/EX+ Rock And Pop £10.00 Info  Buy 
Wang Chung - Don't Let GoWang Chung Don't Let Go 7" 
Shaped Picture Disc 
UK Geffen  WA 4272 Rock And Pop £10.00 Info  Buy 
 Wannadies Shorty / Taking The Easy Way Out / That's All (The Livingstone Version) CD Maxi Single 
UK Indolent  DIE 010 CD2 M/VG+ Rock And Pop £2.00 Info  Buy 
War - Me And Baby Brother b/w In Your EyesWar Me And Baby Brother b/w In Your Eyes 7" 
Four Prong Centre 
UK Island  WIP 6303 EX++ Soul £4.00 Info  Buy 
War - Why Can't We Be Friends b/w In MazatlanWar Why Can't We Be Friends b/w In Mazatlan 7" 
Demo Copy - Four Prong Centre 
UK United Artists  UP 35836 NM Soul £7.00 Info  Buy 
 Ward Brothers Cross That Bridge (12" Mix) 12" 
UK Siren  SIREN 37-12 M/M Rock And Pop £10.00 Info  Buy 
 Ward Brothers Easy Prey (Cloth Cap Mix) 12" 
UK Siren  SIREN 33-12 M/M Rock And Pop £10.00 Info  Buy 
 Ward Brothers Why Do You Run (Krypt Kickers Mix) 12" 
UK Siren  SIREN 32-13 NM/EX++ Rock And Pop £10.00 Info  Buy 
 Ward Brothers Why Do You Run (U.S. Mix) 12" 
UK Siren  SIREN 32-12 M/NM Rock And Pop £10.00 Info  Buy 
Ward Singers - Meeting TonightWard Singers Meeting Tonight LP 
UK Realm  RM 107 EX++/EX++ Rock And Pop £22.00 Info  Buy 
 Warlock Pinchers Circusized Peanuts LP 
With Inner 
USA Turpelo  TUPLP 30 M/M Rock And Pop £12.00 Info  Buy 
 Warlocks Phoenix CD 
Promo In Pvc Sleeve 
UK City Rockers   NM Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
 Warlord The Ultimate Warlord b/w I Shall Return 7" 
Solid Centre 
UK BirdsNest  BN 106 VG++ Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
Warrant - I Saw RedWarrant I Saw Red 7" 
Picture Sleeve 
HOLLAND CBS  656446 7 M-/NM Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
Warren Mitchell - The Thoughts Of Chairman AlfWarren Mitchell The Thoughts Of Chairman Alf LP 
UK Warner Bros  K 56425 M/NM Comedy £10.00 Info  Buy 
 Warrior Ipi-N Tombi LP 
Remix - Featuring Margaret Singana 
UK Ipi-Tombi  RTL 4028 M/EX++ Soundtrack £9.00 Info  Buy 
 Warrior Soul (Love Is The Drug) CD Maxi Single 
UK Music For Nations  CDKUT 164 M/M Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
 Was Not Was (Return To The Valley Of Out Come The Freaks b/w (Predominantly Funk Version) Out Come The Freaks) 7" 
Picture Sleeve - Injection Moulded Labels - Writing On Inside Opening Edge Of Sleeve (number And Date)... 
UK Geffen Record / ZE Records   A 4178 NM/EX Rock And Pop £3.00 Info  Buy 
 Was Not Was Listen Like Thieves CD Maxi Single 
UK Fontana  WASCD 10 M/M Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
 Washington Flyers Another Saturday Morning b/w The Comets Are Coming 7" 
Dawn Company Sleeve 
UK Dawn  DNS.1076 Rock And Pop £20.00 Info  Buy 
 Wasip Diop No Sant CD 
FRANCE Mercury  526565-2 M/M Rock And Pop £7.00 Info  Buy 
 Wasker Amaru Amore Per Le Ande LP 
ITALY CBS  81548 M/EX Easy Listening £8.00 Info  Buy 
 Watson T. Browne and the Explosive Crying All Night b/w I Close My Eyes 7" 
Four Prong Centre 
UK President  PT 221 Soul £30.00 Info  Buy 
 Wave One Bubble Gum b/w Heart Ache 7" 
Four Prong Centre - Clean Labels 
UK BAF Records Ltd  BAF 10 EX Reggae £35.00 Info  Buy 

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