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 U Roy The Seven Gold LP 
JA Ujama   NM/M Reggae £12.00 Info  Buy 
U-Roy - Small Axe / Small Axe (Version)U-roy Small Axe / Small Axe (Version) 12" 
UK Virgin  VS 18712 NM Reggae £18.00 Info  Buy 
 U. Roy Junior / rhythm Rulers Froggie b/w Froggie (Version) 7" 
Four Prong Centre - Clean Labels 
UK Randy's  RAN-532 EX++ Reggae £12.00 Info  Buy 
 U.f.o. Back Into My Life b/w The Writer 7" 
Picture Disc 
UK Chrysalis  CHSP 2607 M/M Rock And Pop £10.00 Info  Buy 
 U.f.o. Boogie For George b/w Treacle People 7" 
Company Sleeve - Four Prong Centre 
UK Beacon  BEA 172 EX++ Rock And Pop £20.00 Info  Buy 
 U.f.o. Lonely Heart b/w Long Gone 7" 
Clear Vinyl - Picture Sleeve 
UK Chrysalis  CHS 2482 M/EX Rock And Pop £8.00 Info  Buy 
 U.f.o. The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent LP 
Promo Stamped Sleeve - Slight Tear On Rear Sleeve 
UK Chrysalis  CHR 1307 NM/EX Rock And Pop £14.00 Info  Buy 
 U.s Bonds Quarter To Three b/w Time Ole Story 7" 
Company Sleeve 
UK Top Rank  JAR 575 VG++ Rock And Pop £6.00 Info  Buy 
 U2 Discotheque / Holy Joe (Garage Mix / Holy Joe (Guilty Mix)) CD Maxi Single 
UK Island  CID 649 / 854 775-2 M/NM Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
U2 - Gloria b/w I Will Follow (Live Version)U2 Gloria b/w I Will Follow (Live Version) 7" 
Picture Sleeve - 4 Prong Red Label 
UK Island  WIP 6733 EX/VG+ Rock And Pop £8.00 Info  Buy 
 U2 Sweetest Thing (The Single Mix / Stories For Boys (Live From Boston) / Out Of Control (Live From Bos CD Maxi Single 
UK Island  CIDX 727 / 572 464-2 M/NM Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
 U2 U2 Live At Red Rocks 'Under A Blood Red Sky' VideoPAL 
UK Virgin, Kace  VVD 045 M/M Rock And Pop £12.00 Info  Buy 
 U2 U2 Rattle & Hum (Offical book of the U2 movie - Peter Williams / Steve Turner) Book 
UK Pyramid   NM- Rock And Pop £10.00 Info  Buy 
 U2 Zoo TV Live From Sydney VideoPAL 
UK Polygram  631 150-3 M/EX++ Rock And Pop £14.00 Info  Buy 
 Ub 40 Baggariddim (Labour Of Love & Geffery Morgan in dub) LP 
Double Lp - Gatefold Sleeve 
UK DEP International  DEP 10 M/M/NM Reggae £15.00 Info  Buy 
 Ub 40 Best Of UB 40 Vol 1 LP 
Gatefold Sleeve 
UK DEP International  UB TV 1 M/M Reggae £12.00 Info  Buy 
 Ub 40 Geffery Morgan LP 
With Printed Inner Sleeve 
GERMANY DEP International / Virgin  206 615 EX/EX Reggae £9.00 Info  Buy 
 Ub 40 Geffery Morgan LP 
With Inner Sleeve 
UK DEP International  DEP 6 NM/NM Reggae £14.00 Info  Buy 
 Ub 40 Labour Of Love LP 
FRANCE DEP International / Virgin  205.716 M/VG++ Reggae £10.00 Info  Buy 
 Ub 40 Present Arms LP 
With Inner Sleeve 
UK DEP International  DEP 1 EX/EX++ Reggae £10.00 Info  Buy 
 Ub 40 Present Arms LP 
With Free 12" Single - With Inner Sleeves 
UK DEP International  DEP 1 NM-/NM-/EX+ Reggae £14.00 Info  Buy 
 Ub 40 Present Arms LP 
With Free 12" Single - With Inner Sleeves 
UK DEP International  DEP 1 NM-/NM-/NM Reggae £15.00 Info  Buy 
 Ub 40 Rat In The Kitchen LP 
With Inner Sleeve 
UK DEP International  DEP 11 NM/EX Reggae £12.00 Info  Buy 
 Ub 40 Signing Off LP 
With Free 12" Single With Inner 
GERMANY Graduate  INT 166.700/1/2 EX+/EX+/NM Reggae £14.00 Info  Buy 
 Ub 40 UB 44 LP 
With Hologram Sleeve + Inner Sleeve 
UK DEP International  DEP 3 M/NM Reggae £15.00 Info  Buy 
UB40 - Don't Break My Heart b/w Mek Ya RokUb40 Don't Break My Heart b/w Mek Ya Rok 7" 
Picture Sleeve - Solid Centre 
UK DEP International  DEP 22 EX/VG++ Reggae £4.00 Info  Buy 
UB40 - Don't Walk On The Grass b/w Dr XUb40 Don't Walk On The Grass b/w Dr X 7" 
Picture Sleeve 
NETHERLANDS Epic  EPCA 1334 M/VG++ Reggae £6.00 Info  Buy 
UB40 - Food For Thought b/w KingUb40 Food For Thought b/w King 7" 
Picture Sleeve - Clean Labels 
ITALY Graduate Records  GR 60 EX++/VG Reggae £5.00 Info  Buy 
UB40 - Homely Girl b/w Gator (Instrumental)Ub40 Homely Girl b/w Gator (Instrumental) 7" 
Picture Sleeve - Solid Centre 
UK DEP International  DEP 33 EX/VG++ Reggae £4.00 Info  Buy 
UB40 - I Got You Babe b/w Theme From Labour Of LoveUb40 I Got You Babe b/w Theme From Labour Of Love 7" 
Picture Sleeve - Solid Centre 
UK DEP International  DEP 20 NM/VG+ Reggae £3.00 Info  Buy 
 Ub40 If It Happens Again b/w Nkomo A Gogo 7" 
Picture Sleeve 
EUROPE Virgin  106 829 M/EX++ Reggae £6.00 Info  Buy 
 Ub40 (with Chrissie Hynde) Breakfast In Bed b/w Breakfast In Bed (Instrumental) 7" 
Picture Sleeve - Silver Plastic Label - Solid Centre 
UK DEP International  DEP 29 NM/VG++ Reggae £4.00 Info  Buy 
Uel Deane - On With The Motley!Uel Deane On With The Motley! LP 
UK Contour  2870-415 NM/NM Rock And Pop £9.00 Info  Buy 
UFO - Back Into My Life b/w The WriterUfo Back Into My Life b/w The Writer 7" 
Picture Disc 
UK Chrysalis  CHSP 2607 Rock And Pop £6.00 Info  Buy 
 Uk Mixmasters Bare Necessities Megamix (Radio 2 b/w Bare Necessities Megamix (Radio 2)) 7" 
Picture Sleeve - Silver Label 
UK Connect Records  ZB 45135 EX/NEX Rock And Pop £2.00 Info  Buy 
 Ukrainians Ukrainians 12" 
Numbered Limited Edition Ep - Featuring The Wedding Present 
UK Cooking Vinyl  FRY 019T M/EX++ Rock And Pop £8.00 Info  Buy 
 Ultra Montanes Cells CD Maxi Single 
UK Lakota  LAK 001CD EX/M Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
Ultra Nate - JoyUltra Nate Joy 12" 
Promo Copy 
UK Warner Bros  SAM 1219 NM- Dance £5.00 Info  Buy 
 Ultramarine Gated Latin (PROMO COPY) 12" 
UK Blanco Y Negro  SAM 1774 M/M Dance £7.00 Info  Buy 
Ultravox - All In One Day b/w The PrizeUltravox All In One Day b/w The Prize 7" 
Picture Sleeve - Blue Injection Label 
UK Chrysalis  UV 6 M/NM Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
Ultravox - LamentUltravox Lament LP 
With Printed Inner Sleeve 
UK Chrysalis  CDL 1459 NM/NM Rock And Pop £12.00 Info  Buy 
Ultravox - Loves Great AdventureUltravox Loves Great Adventure 7" 
Picture Disc 
UK Chrysalis  UVP3 Rock And Pop £10.00 Info  Buy 
 Unbelievable Truth Higher Than Reason CD Maxi Single 
UK Virgin  VSCDT1676 NM/M Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
 Unbelievable Truth Solved CD Maxi Single 
UK Virgin  VSCDT1684 EX/M Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
 Undead It's Coruption 7" 
UK Riot City  RIOT 7 M/EX++ Punk £6.00 Info  Buy 
Under Neath What - Straight Ahead Money (Peace Out)Under Neath What Straight Ahead Money (Peace Out) 12" 
UK WEA  YZ 422 T M/EX++ Rock And Pop £8.00 Info  Buy 
Under Neath What - Their Heads ExplodedUnder Neath What Their Heads Exploded 12" 
UK WEA  YZ 456 T M/NM Rock And Pop £12.00 Info  Buy 
 Undercover Baker Street b/w Sha-Bang 7" 
Picture Sleeve 
UK PWL  239 M/M Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
 Underground Circus Something CD Maxi Single 
UK Planet  3 GXY2004CD M/M Rock And Pop £6.00 Info  Buy 
Underground Zero - Through The Looking GlassUnderground Zero Through The Looking Glass LP 
UK Flicknife  BLUNT 038 M/M Rock And Pop £18.00 Info  Buy 

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