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 R Kelly You Remind Me Of Something 12" 
UK Jive  JIVE T 388 M/NM Dance £6.00 Info  Buy 
R. Dean Taylor - Indiana Wants Me b/w Love's Your NameR. Dean Taylor Indiana Wants Me b/w Love's Your Name 7" 
Spanish Copy In Picture Sleeve 
SPAIN Tamla Motown  M 5093 EX++/VG+ Soul £10.00 Info  Buy 
R. Dean Taylor - There's A Ghost In My House b/w Let's Go SomewhereR. Dean Taylor There's A Ghost In My House b/w Let's Go Somewhere 7" 
Four Prong Centre 
UK Tamla Motown  TMG 896 NM Soul £5.00 Info  Buy 
R. Dean Taylor - There's A Ghost In My House b/w Let's Go SomewhereR. Dean Taylor There's A Ghost In My House b/w Let's Go Somewhere 7" 
Large Centre Hole 
UK Tamla Motown  TMG 896 NM Soul £5.00 Info  Buy 
 R. Dean Taylor There's A Ghost In My House b/w Let's Go Somewhere 7" 
German Copy - Picture Sleeve - Slight Tear On Sleeve 
GERMANY Rare Earth  006 95 516 M EX++/VG Soul £10.00 Info  Buy 
 R. Edwards & Social Eagles / African Bros. One Sunday Morning b/w Mysterious Nature 7" 
Four Prong Centre - Slight Writing On Labels (name) 
UK Dip  DL 5014 EX Reggae £15.00 Info  Buy 
R. Kelly - Happy People / U Saved MeR. Kelly Happy People / U Saved Me CD 
2 × Cd Album - Sealed 
EUROPE Jive   82876 61508 2 M/M Hip Hop £5.00 Info  Buy 
R.A.F. - We've Got To Live Together (Club Mix 7" Edit)R.a.f. We've Got To Live Together (Club Mix 7" Edit) 7" 
Picture Sleeve 
UK PWL  PWL 218 NM-/NM Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
 R.carter / P.brown / R.kenton / T. Blades / S.ancl Rock Out (Indie Pop & Impact Rock) CD 
UK Atmosphere  ATMOS CD 93 M/M Library £8.00 Info  Buy 
 R.e.m. Everybody Hurts CD Maxi Single 
UK Warner Bros  W0169 CD2 NM/M Rock And Pop £6.00 Info  Buy 
R.E.M. - KCRW Studios Santa Monica Ca, 3rd April 1991R.e.m. KCRW Studios Santa Monica Ca, 3rd April 1991 CD 
UK Echoes  ECHOCD2012 M/M Rock And Pop £6.00 Info  Buy 
 R.e.m. Low CD 
Rare Cd 
ITALY Templar  TCD 28 NM/M Rock And Pop £10.00 Info  Buy 
R.E.M. - MurmurR.e.m. Murmur CD 
UK I.R.S. Records  CDA 7014 VG+/M Rock And Pop £3.00 Info  Buy 
R.E.M. - Near Wild HeavenR.e.m. Near Wild Heaven 7" 
Picture Sleeve 
UK Warner Bros  W0055 M/NM Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
R.E.M. - Radio SongR.e.m. Radio Song 7" 
Picture Sleeve 
UK Warner Bros  W0072 M/NM Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
R.E.M. - RevealR.e.m. Reveal CD 
EUROPE Warner Bros  9362-47946-2 NM/M Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
R.E.M. - RevealR.e.m. Reveal CD 
CANADA Warner Bros  CDW 47946 M/M Rock And Pop £8.00 Info  Buy 
R.E.M. - The One I LoveR.e.m. The One I Love 7" 
Picture Sleeve 
UK I.R.S. Records  IRM 178 M/M- Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
 Rabbit Broken Arrows b/w Blues My Guitar 7" 
Four Prong Centre 
UK Island  WIP-6161 EX++ Rock And Pop £7.00 Info  Buy 
Race Horses - FurnitureRace Horses Furniture CD 
UK Stolen Recordings, [PIAS] Recordings  SR058 M/M Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
 Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor - Maura Lympany with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by M LP 
Mono - Gold / Maroon Semi Circle Label 
UK HMV  CLP 1478 NM/NM Classical £20.00 Info  Buy 
 Rachmaninov / moiseiwitsch / philharmonia Orchestr Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 In C Minor LP 
Mono - Gold / Maroon Semi Circle Label 
UK HMV  CLP 1094 VG++/NEX Classical £6.00 Info  Buy 
 Raconteurs Broken Boy Soldier (Live b/w Blue Veins (KCRW Session)) 7" 
Picture Sleeve - Release G 
UK XL Recordings  XLS 248B NM/NM Rock And Pop £6.00 Info  Buy 
 Raconteurs Hands b/w It Ain't Easy (Live) 7" 
Picture Sleeve - Release E 
UK XL Recordings  XLS 236B NM/EX++ Rock And Pop £7.00 Info  Buy 
 Raconteurs Hands b/w Store Bought Bones (The Zane Rendition) 7" 
Picture Sleeve - Release D 
UK XL Recordings  XLS 236A NM/NM Rock And Pop £6.00 Info  Buy 
 Raconteurs Steady, As She Goes (Acoustic b/w Call It A Day) 7" 
Picture Sleeve - Release C 
UK XL Recordings  XLS 229B M/NM Rock And Pop £7.00 Info  Buy 
 Raconteurs Steady, As She Goes b/w Store Bought Bones 7" 
Picture Sleeve - Release B 
UK XL Recordings  XLS 229A NM/EX Rock And Pop £6.00 Info  Buy 
 Radcliffe Radcliffe's Steam Carnival On Tour LP 
UK Pickwick Records  SHM 928 M/EX+ Fairground / Barrel Organ £4.00 Info  Buy 
 Radiator 11 Track Album CD 
Promo (inc I Am, Black Shine, Generator Etc) 
UK Chrysalis  DJ 499 2462 VG++/G Rock And Pop £1.00 Info  Buy 
Radio Heart / Gary Numan - Radio Heart (Extended Mix)Radio Heart / Gary Numan Radio Heart (Extended Mix) 12" 
UK GFM  GFMT 109 NM/EX++ Rock And Pop £14.00 Info  Buy 
Radio Stars - From A RabbitRadio Stars From A Rabbit 7" 
Includes Radio Stars Plastic Outer Sleeve & Company Sleeve 
UK Chiswick  NS 36 M/EX Rock And Pop £8.00 Info  Buy 
Radio Stars - Nervous WreckRadio Stars Nervous Wreck 7" 
UK Chiswick  NS 23 NM Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
 Radiohead Knives Out CD Maxi Single 
Cd 1 - Cardboard Slip Case 
UK Parlophone  CDFHEIS 45103 VG+/EX Rock And Pop £2.00 Info  Buy 
Radiohead - Pablo HoneyRadiohead Pablo Honey CD 
UK Parlophone  0 7777 81409 2 4 NM-/M Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
 Radiohead Paranoid Android / Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2 / Pearly) CD Maxi Single 
Cd1 - Cardsleeve 
UK Parlophone  CDODATAS 01 VG++/NM Rock And Pop £3.00 Info  Buy 
 Radiohead Street Spirit (Fade Out) CD Maxi Single 
UK Parlophone  7243 8 82522 2 5 / C EX/M Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
Radiohead - The BendsRadiohead The Bends CD 
7243 8 29626 2 5 
UK Parlophone  CDPCS 7372 VG++/NM Rock And Pop £3.00 Info  Buy 
Radish - Simple SincerityRadish Simple Sincerity 7" 
UK Mercury  MER 498 M/M Rock And Pop £7.00 Info  Buy 
 Rafael Kubelik Conducting Vienna Philharmonic Orch Dvorak - Symphony No 5 (New World Symphony) LP 
Mono - Orange Label Silver Print 
UK Decca  LXT 5291 NM/NM Classical £8.00 Info  Buy 
Rage - House Of The Rising Sun (7" Edit b/w House Of The Rising Sun (Instrumental))Rage House Of The Rising Sun (7" Edit b/w House Of The Rising Sun (Instrumental)) 7" 
Picture Sleeve 
UK Pulse-8 Records  LOSE 43 M/EX++ Rock And Pop £3.00 Info  Buy 
Rage - Why Don't You (Original Edit b/w Why Don't You (Instrumental))Rage Why Don't You (Original Edit b/w Why Don't You (Instrumental)) 7" 
Picture Sleeve 
UK Pulse-8 Records  LOSE 39 M/M- Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade / Hadda Be Playing On The JukeboxRage Against The Machine Bulls On Parade / Hadda Be Playing On The Jukebox CD Maxi Single 
UK Epic  663152 2 M/M Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
 Ragga & The Jack Magic Orchestra Man In The Moon (Mamma - Radio Edit / Borez's Acid High Mix / Omni Trio Dub & Bass Lick / Silver CD Maxi Single 
UK EMI  CDEMS 468 / 7243 8 8 M/M Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
 Ragga & The Jack Magic Orchestra Man In The Moon (Mamma - Radio Edit / St. Christopher's Dream / (Magic Folly) / (Le French Touch)) CD Maxi Single 
UK EMI  CDEM 468 / 7243 8 83 M/M Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
Rah Band - FalconRah Band Falcon 7" 
UK DJM  DJS 10954 Rock And Pop £6.00 Info  Buy 
 Railway Children Every Beat Of The Heart 12" 
UK Virgin  VST 1237 NM-/NM- Rock And Pop £8.00 Info  Buy 
 Railway Children In The Meantime b/w Merciless / Second Nature 12" 
UK Virgin  VST 1070 NM/EX++ Rock And Pop £8.00 Info  Buy 
 Railway Children Something So Good CD Maxi Single 
UK Virgin  VSCDT 1318 M/M Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
Rainbow - Since You Been Gone b/w Bad GirlRainbow Since You Been Gone b/w Bad Girl 7" 
Polydor Company Sleeve 
UK Polydor  POSP 70 Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
Rainbow Cottage - Seagull b/w You've Gotta Make The ChangesRainbow Cottage Seagull b/w You've Gotta Make The Changes 7" 
Solid Centre 
UK Penny Farthing  PEN 906 EX++ Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 

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