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Greek Black Metal band founded in 1990 at Piraeus. In a recent interview in the Greek Rock Hard Magazine, the 2 members of Nergal said that in the past they were arrested by the greek police. Unconfirmed rumors said that this happened because some policemen found Nergal's flyers (which propably advertised the music of the band) which had satanic symbols. In the period 92-94,police in Greece started to search a lot about satanists(including metal musicians), because of the famous case of satanists in Palini. In this case, 2 guys were the leaders of a satanic team which was found guilty for the murdering 2 young women. These 2 guys will stay for the rest of their life in prison,one of them (the leader) said that his interest about satanism became after listening to heavy metal music and reading occult books. The members of Nergal said that this case was responsible for their arrest (of course NOT that they were involved, but for the police interest to search for satanists to the metal people Discography : "In The Name Of... Nergal" (Demo, 1992) "De Vermis Mysteriis" (7" ep, 1993) "The Talisman Of Kioutha" (Demo, 1993) "Magie Cérémonielle" (Split 7" ep with Funeral Urn, 1994) "Ljus Mörker" (Demo, 1994) "The Wizard Of Nerath" (Full-length,...  Read More

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    Nergal Νύκτα Γεμάτη Θάματα CD   1 listed $7  Details 
Wizard Of Nerath  Nergal Wizard Of Nerath LP, CD   2 listed $25 - $30 View All
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