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Sell on MusicStack

MusicStack is not Discogs, Amazon, or Ebay!

You will be very disappointed if you expect similar sales volume.
Sellers on average get 1 sale per 1000 items of inventory listed (per month).

Who Sells
• Record stores and collectors who bulk upload their database or spreadsheet
• Individuals who hand enter items for sale one by one into the system

• Free to sign up
• No listing fees
8% commission only on what you sell (based on item cost + shipping cost)

• You must have all items in your physical inventory. No drop shipping or backorder items.
• You must accept PayPal and be PayPal Verified at a minimum for accepting payments.
• No bootlegs or illegal items. You are 100% legally responsible for what you list.

I accept the above rules for selling, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.


MusicStack is a lifestyle
business run by Dave Stack.
He is the owner, developer
and administrator of the site.