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The Marble Index



A1   Prelude      0:50
A2   Lawns Of Dawns      3:12
A3   No One Is There      3:36
A4   Ari's Song      3:20
A5   Facing The Wind      4:52
B1   Julius Caesar (Memento Hodie)      4:57
B2   Frozen Warnings      4:00
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Melanie reflects the confusion of an adolescent situation with much detail and little mercy. Every premature fear, longing, horror, suspicion, aversion, and sometime smidgeon of joy is given its due at some point. And each in turn evokes in the listener a stirring of cobwebbed recognition, but it's like looking in a convex lens. The response doesn't fit the anguished cry.

Because somehow you can't really feel sorry for Melanie. She arouses pity; but the damn posturing of her situation (she's 22, not 15) gets in the way of honest reaction.… Read More

When she's not busy being Streisand, Temple, Garland and Buffy St. Marie with a little Gracie Allen thrown in on the side, and when she concentrates on being Melanie, she can really get to you. Like on "Momma, Momma," for instance, or "Bo Bo's Party." Her voice, her lyrics, her guitar all work for her to produce a tight unit of action and reaction.

The entourage of imitations present on so many other cuts, however, is a royal pain — the catch in her throat, purposely ungrammatical phrasings, childish Brook-lynesque drawl. You can catch her, sometimes, enjoying herself for real, minus the sticky Christopher Robin pose (midway into "Animal Crackers" for example), but it's almost as if she catches herself at the same moment you do and slips back into Kiddieland before you can be sure she's left it.

How refreshing then, you feel, it will be to turn to Nico, whom you presume has been everywhere, seen it all, and is not about to react with grief-stricken pleas for help with any part of it. As a matter of fact, she doesn't react with anything. To anything.

The Marble Index is hardly rock, though it exhibits sound trips that have found their way onto many a rock record — electronic chamber music, various sound effects, instrumental Gregorian chant. It's mood music, with an obscure and elusive text recited over it.

Along about the next to the last song on the first side ("Ari's Song"), you begin to develop a faint suspicion that perhaps the words are not what's important after all. The harder you try to hold them (like the natural state of affairs with things in conflict in the universe), the more easily they escape. Once you're on to this, you're home free, and side two is a really worthwhile venture into musical infinity (or at least a try at it). It's mood, escape, consciousness, unconsciousness, vacuity, yes, Wonderland.

Man is, after all, highly susceptible to moods, as anyone who's ever fingered a few elementary chords on piano or guitar can attest. What remains to be seen is whether both. Nico and Melanie can get beyond the fingering stage to a valid (for Melanie), consistent and believable (for Nico) realization of the moods that they've established. Nico seems to be running far ahead ... unless, of course, you're one of those Who Think Young. (RS 29)


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  Nico   The Marble Index
Cover Has Wear And Some Corner Bumps Great Copy.sleeve Has Hole Punch At Bottom Right Corner. Us, Elektra, Eks74029, 1968-09-19
  LP   NEAR MINT (NM OR M-)/VERY GOOD (VG) friscosvinyl
United States
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  Nico   The Marble Index
Brand New Factory Sealed Lp, No Mfg. Overstock Marks, 1972 Belgium Issue, Customs Friendly, All The Products That We Sell Are 100% Guaranteed. If Not Completely Satisfied Send ...
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  Nico   The Marble Index
Usa, Elektra, Eks 74029
  LP   EX/EX Vinylshop Record
United Kingdom
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