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For a while, Pharaohs were lost in obscure record stores, prized by collectors and unknown to most. Thankfully, their influential fusion of hearty African rhythms with funky grooves and jazzy horns has been reissued for further generations. From the mid-1960s to the early 1970s, this group -- which hovered around eleven members -- created long sprawling jams, thick with tumultuous congas, massive horn punctuations and scratchy, James Brown-style guitar. With the addition of extremely soulful singing, this Chicago-based group had the potential to become serious stars; they did not, due to a breakup in 1973. The unfortunate demise of the band was a mixed blessing in some senses, with members Charles Handy (trumpet), Louis Satterfield (trombone,) Don Myrick (alto sax), and Maurice White (drums) going on to form the foundation of the seminal group Earth, Wind & Fire.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
  Pharo Du Bist Bei Mir CD Single   1 listed $3  Details 
  Pharo Ich Sehn' Mich Nach Dir CD Single   1 listed $3  Details 
  Pharo Liebe Meines Lebens CD Single   1 listed $3  Details 
  Pharo Nur Die Liebe Zählt CD Single   1 listed $3  Details 
  Pharo Rot Sind Die Rosen CD Single   1 listed $2  Details 
All Alone  Pharoads All Alone 7"   3 listed $6 - $25 View All
After The Fire  Pharoah After The Fire LP   4 listed $27 - $34 View All
Egyptian Prince  Pharoah Egyptian Prince CD   2 listed $74 - $99 View All
  Pharoah First Strike 12"   1 listed $37  Details 
Six Foot Giant  Pharoah Six Foot Giant CD   1 listed $199  Details 
Chromosphere  Pharoah Chromium Chromosphere LP, LP Picture Disc   2 listed $11 - $18 View All
Tokyo Sex Destruction  Pharoah Chromium Tokyo Sex Destruction Cassette   1 listed $94  Details 
I Need Your Love  Pharoah Franke I Need Your Love CD Single   1 listed $23  Details 
Love Come Home  Pharoah Franke Love Come Home 12"   2 listed $8 View All
  Pharoah Franke Understand This Groove 12"   1 listed $9  Details 
  Pharoah Jay Can I Be Me CD   1 listed $20  Details 
  Pharoah Monch Intervant 12"   2 listed $4 - $23 View All
The Brighton And Blackpool  Pharoah Roche The Brighton And Blackpool 7"   1 listed $3  Details 
  Pharoah Roche Digital Graffiti 7"   1 listed $7  Details 
As You Are  Pharoah Sanders As You Are 7"   2 listed $6 - $12 View All
The Best Of Pharoah Sanders  Pharoah Sanders The Best Of Pharoah Sanders 2LP   2 listed $34 - $48 View All
Black Unity  Pharoah Sanders Black Unity LP   1 listed $249  Details 
Deaf Dumb Blind  Pharoah Sanders Deaf Dumb Blind CD   1 listed $18  Details 
Floating Points  Pharoah Sanders Floating Points LP   1 listed $46  Details 
Got To Give It Up  Pharoah Sanders Got To Give It Up 7"   1 listed $14  Details 
Great Moments With Pharoah Sanders  Pharoah Sanders Great Moments With Pharoah Sanders CD   2 listed $1 - $6 View All
  Pharoah Sanders Heart Is A Melody LP   1 listed $94  Details 
  Pharoah Sanders In The Beginning 1963 CD   1 listed $70  Details 
Jewels Of Thought  Pharoah Sanders Jewels Of Thought LP, CD   4 listed $9 - $199 View All
Journey To The One  Pharoah Sanders Journey To The One 2LP, CD   2 listed $24 - $49 View All
Juan Les Pin Jazz Festival '68  Pharoah Sanders Juan Les Pin Jazz Festival '68 CD   1 listed $14  Details 
Karma  Pharoah Sanders Karma LP, CD   2 listed $11 - $22 View All
Live  Pharoah Sanders Live LP   2 listed $17 - $22 View All
Live In Paris  Pharoah Sanders Live In Paris LP   1 listed $30  Details 
Live In San Francisco  Pharoah Sanders Live In San Francisco DVD   1 listed $69  Details 
Love Will Find A Way  Pharoah Sanders Love Will Find A Way LP   4 listed $1 - $24 View All
Message From Home  Pharoah Sanders Message From Home CD   2 listed $8 - $9 View All
Moon Child  Pharoah Sanders Moon Child LP, CD   3 listed $17 - $76 View All
  Pharoah Sanders Muddy Waters CD   1 listed $7  Details 
Oh Lord,let Me Do No Wrong  Pharoah Sanders Oh Lord,let Me Do No Wrong LP   1 listed $26  Details 
Pharoahs  Pharoah Sanders Pharoahs CD   4 listed $5 - $24 View All
  Pharoah Sanders Pharomba 7"   1 listed $11  Details 
Rejoice  Pharoah Sanders Rejoice 2LP   3 listed $49 - $98 View All
Save Our Children  Pharoah Sanders Save Our Children CD   1 listed $14  Details 
Shukuru  Pharoah Sanders Shukuru CD   2 listed $12 - $24 View All
Summun Bukmun Umyun  Pharoah Sanders Summun Bukmun Umyun CD   2 listed $104 - $199 View All
  Pharoah Sanders Tauhid LP   1 listed $21  Details 
Thembi  Pharoah Sanders Thembi LP   2 listed $66 - $84 View All
Village Of The Pharoahs  Pharoah Sanders Village Of The Pharoahs LP   1 listed $31  Details 
  Pharoah Sanders Welcome To Love 2LP   1 listed $34  Details 
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