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pere ubu
Cult band par excellence Pere Ubu emerged from the blighted urban landscape of Cleveland in the mid-1970s. Bringing together the nihilistic angst of Peter Laughner and the literary decadence of Dave Thomas, the band's early work re-created the dark squalor of the Velvet Underground and added a combative stance that made the band the apple of so many punk eyes. Their first single "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" is an exhausting bout of chilling restraint and fevered moments of rock release. The second, "Final Solution," offered yet another profusion of ashen anger and existential despair, but its flip side "Cloud 149" gave a taste of the agit-pop weirdness that would come to define the band's sound. With the connivance of guitarist Tom Herman and keyboardist Allen Ravenstine, Thomas spared the listener an easy listening experience by spoiling the rod of dissonant, jagged pop textures and obtuse, surrealist lyrics. Delivered in a Julia Childs-esque falsetto warble, Thomas's bedlamite babble sends listeners on semantic wild goose chases that oftentimes never reach their goal. After a six year hiatus, Pere Ubu returned in 1988 with The Tenement Year, an album which saw the band reining in its experimental excesses for a more accessible and polished sound. Since then, Thomas and company have recorded and toured sporadically, though without surpassing their cult status.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
20 Years In A Montana Missile Silo  Pere Ubu 20 Years In A Montana Missile Silo LP, CD   7 listed $14 - $31 View All
30 Seconds Over Tokyo  Pere Ubu 30 Seconds Over Tokyo 7"   2 listed $22 - $41 View All
390 Degrees Of Simulated Stereo  Pere Ubu 390 Degrees Of Simulated Stereo LP   10 listed $15 - $146 View All
390 Of Simulated Stereo V21c  Pere Ubu 390 Of Simulated Stereo V.21c CD, LP   4 listed $29 - $99 View All
Apocalypse Now  Pere Ubu Apocalypse Now CD   4 listed $7 - $47 View All
The Art Of Walking  Pere Ubu The Art Of Walking LP, CD   25 listed $7 - $60 View All
Breath  Pere Ubu Breath CD Single, 12", 7"   13 listed $4 - $49 View All
By Order Of Mayor Pawlicki  Pere Ubu By Order Of Mayor Pawlicki CD, LP, 2LP   6 listed $11 - $41 View All
Carnival Of Souls  Pere Ubu Carnival Of Souls LP   4 listed $20 - $62 View All
Cloudland  Pere Ubu Cloudland CD, LP, Poster, Cassette, Memorabilia, CD EP, CD Single   25 listed $1 - $65 View All
Datapanik In The Year Zero  Pere Ubu Datapanik In The Year Zero Poster, 12", EP, CD, 5CD, LP, 7"   14 listed $8 - $94 View All
David Thomas Picture  Pere Ubu David Thomas Picture Memorabilia   1 listed $4  Details 
  Pere Ubu Don't Expect Art LP   1 listed $74  Details 
Drive, He Said 1994  Pere Ubu Drive, He Said 1994 CDR   1 listed $4  Details 
Drive He Said 1994  Pere Ubu Drive He Said 1994 LP   3 listed $70 - $81 View All
Dub Housing  Pere Ubu Dub Housing LP, CD, LP Colored Vinyl   19 listed $14 - $99 View All
Final Solution  Pere Ubu Final Solution 7"   4 listed $19 - $99 View All
Folly Of Youth See Dee  Pere Ubu Folly Of Youth See Dee CD   3 listed $4 - $10 View All
Front Cover Option Mag Nov 1988  Pere Ubu Front Cover Option Mag Nov 1988 Memorabilia   1 listed $3  Details 
The Hearpen Singles  Pere Ubu The Hearpen Singles 7" Box Set   1 listed $41  Details 
I Hear They Smoke The Barbecue  Pere Ubu I Hear They Smoke The Barbecue 12", 7", CD Single, 7" Picture Sleeve   14 listed $1 - $199 View All
Imago Traveling Road Show  Pere Ubu Imago Traveling Road Show CD   2 listed $14 View All
Kathleen  Pere Ubu Kathleen CD   1 listed $26  Details 
Lady From Shanghai  Pere Ubu Lady From Shanghai CD   2 listed $15 - $43 View All
Les Haricots Sont Pas Sales 1987  Pere Ubu Les Haricots Sont Pas Sales 1987 LP   3 listed $4 - $78 View All
  Pere Ubu Live... Fox Warfield 80 CD   2 listed $5 - $13 View All
Livefox Warfield '80  Pere Ubu Live…fox Warfield '80 CD   2 listed $14 - $15 View All
  Pere Ubu Live Vol. 1 LP   1 listed $30  Details 
  Pere Ubu London Texas CD   1 listed $26  Details 
The Long Goodbye  Pere Ubu The Long Goodbye CD, LP   3 listed $16 - $31 View All
Long Live Pere Ubu  Pere Ubu Long Live Pere Ubu CD   2 listed $9 View All
Love, Love, Love  Pere Ubu Love, Love, Love 12", 7", CD   9 listed $2 - $15 View All
Love Love Love  Pere Ubu Love Love Love 7", 12", CD Single   15 listed $2 - $28 View All
The Modern Dance  Pere Ubu The Modern Dance LP, CD, CD DVD, Cassette   28 listed $6 - $86 View All
New Picnic Time  Pere Ubu New Picnic Time LP, CD   14 listed $14 - $79 View All
Nonalignment Pact  Pere Ubu Non-alignment Pact 12"   1 listed $27  Details 
Not Happy  Pere Ubu Not Happy 7"   6 listed $3 - $12 View All
Nuke The Whales 2006  Pere Ubu Nuke The Whales 2006 LP   3 listed $97 - $136 View All
Oh Catherine  Pere Ubu Oh Catherine CD Single, 12"   3 listed $3 - $12 View All
  Pere Ubu One Man Drives While The Other Man Screams CD   2 listed $29 - $79 View All
Pennsylvania  Pere Ubu Pennsylvania CD, LP, LP+7", Digi Pak   16 listed $5 - $199 View All
Pere Ubu  Pere Ubu Pere Ubu CD, LP, DVD   8 listed $17 - $32 View All
Raygun Suitcase  Pere Ubu Raygun Suitcase CD   11 listed $6 - $23 View All
Slow Walking Daddy  Pere Ubu Slow Walking Daddy 7"   2 listed $4 - $6 View All
Song Of The Bailing Man  Pere Ubu Song Of The Bailing Man LP, CD   18 listed $6 - $35 View All
St Arkansas  Pere Ubu St. Arkansas CD, LP   5 listed $5 - $25 View All
St Arkansas  Pere Ubu St Arkansas CD   1 listed $19  Details 
Story Of My Life  Pere Ubu Story Of My Life CD, Cassette   7 listed $5 - $47 View All
Street Waves  Pere Ubu Street Waves 7"   2 listed $33 - $36 View All
Talk To Me  Pere Ubu Talk To Me Flexi   2 listed $11 - $20 View All
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