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During the Baroque era, Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) was one of the most important and influential keyboard composers of the day. His works for harpsichord and organ feature typically complex interweaving melodies which continue to present technical challenges -- including crossing hands -- to performers who attempt his pieces. Scarlatti's most lasting contribution may be the influential forms he pioneered, including an Italian style of Sonata that features two repeating sections, each complete with a change of key and distinct, recapitulating melodies. Through his travels to Portugal and Spain, Scarlatti added distinct influences to his compositions, including that of Spanish guitar music. It's possible that some of Scarlatti's innovations were inspired by his father Alessandro, an important composer in his own right.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
Cine Prive  Domenico Cine Prive CD, 10"   7 listed $3 - $199 View All
The Good Is A Big God  Domenico The Good Is A Big God CD   1 listed $55  Details 
  Domenico Le Mariage Secret LP   1 listed $8  Details 
Magia  Domenico Magia CD   1 listed $2  Details 
  Domenico Rain And Tears CD Single   1 listed $3  Details 
House Community  Domenico Carluccio House Community 12"   1 listed $78  Details 
Il Corno Magico Di Domenico Ceccarossi  Domenico Ceccarossi Il Corno Magico Di Domenico Ceccarossi LP   1 listed $31  Details 
  Domenico Ceccarossi Twentieth Century Music For French Horn LP   1 listed $5  Details 
The Raimondo Manuscript  Domenico Cerasani The Raimondo Manuscript CD   2 listed $12 View All
  Domenico Cieri I Madrigalisti Di Roma LP   1 listed $3  Details 
Il Matrimonio Segreto  Domenico Cimarosa Il Matrimonio Segreto LP, 3LP, 3CD   4 listed $8 - $39 View All
Requiem  Domenico Cimarosa - Elly Ameling / Birgit Finnilä Requiem LP   3 listed $5 - $12 View All
Cembalosonaten  Domenico Cimarosa - Martin Gotthard Schneider Cembalosonaten LP   1 listed $7  Details 
32 Sonates Pour Clavecin  Domenico Cimarosa - Robert Veyron-lacroix 32 Sonates Pour Clavecin LP, 2LP   2 listed $3 - $24 View All
Concerto In E Minor For Flute  Domenico Cimarosa / Giuseppe Saverio Mercadante - Concerto In E Minor For Flute LP, CD   7 listed $2 - $25 View All
Sinfonia Concertante Per Due Flauti  Domenico Cimarosa / Giuseppe Saverio Mercadante - Sinfonia Concertante Per Due Flauti LP   1 listed $6  Details 
Symphonie Concertante Pour Deux Flutes  Domenico Cimarosa / Giuseppe Saverio Mercadante - Symphonie Concertante Pour Deux Flutes LP   1 listed $12  Details 
Les 32 Sonates  Domenico Cimarosa / Pietro Galli Les 32 Sonates CD   1 listed $22  Details 
  Domenico Codispoti Liszt Sonata In B Minor CD   1 listed $19  Details 
  Domenico Codispoti Piano Sonatas CD   1 listed $8  Details 
Mandolini Di Surriento  Domenico Con La Sua Orchestra Mandolini Di Surriento LP   6 listed $7 - $33 View All
  Domenico Crisci Our Love 12"   2 listed $13 View All
20 Sonate Per Clavicembalo  Domenico Di Francia 20 Sonate Per Clavicembalo LP   1 listed $12  Details 
Ammore Scumbinato  Domenico Di Francia Ammore Scumbinato 7"   1 listed $3  Details 
  Domenico Di Francia Cameriere, Champagne! LP   1 listed $36  Details 
Pulecene'  Domenico Di Francia Pulecene' 7"   3 listed $10 - $36 View All
  Domenico Ferrari 3 (digi) CD   1 listed $3  Details 
Commute  Domenico Ferrari Commute CD, LP   6 listed $3 - $57 View All
Supertaste  Domenico Ferrari Supertaste CD   1 listed $5  Details 
  Domenico Ferrari Vs Luomo The Kick 12", CD   2 listed $11 - $20 View All
La Nascita Del Violoncello  Domenico Gabrielli / Bruno Cocset - Les Basses RÉu La Nascita Del Violoncello CD   1 listed $94  Details 
Sramba  Domenico Lancellotti Sramba LP, CD   7 listed $15 - $31 View All
Bambola Di Pezza  Domenico Lanotte Bambola Di Pezza 7"   1 listed $4  Details 
Immortal Melodies For One  Domenico Marando Immortal Melodies For One LP   1 listed $8  Details 
  Domenico Mark The Heart Of You 7"   1 listed $6  Details 
  Domenico Mark Three Words 7"   1 listed $6  Details 
13 Sonatas  Domenico Mattia 13 Sonatas LP   1 listed $4  Details 
Gaffe  Domenico Mattia Gaffe LP   5 listed $36 - $42 View All
Maperch Io Non Becco  Domenico Mattia Ma...perchè Io Non Becco 7"   3 listed $4 - $52 View All
Tulilemble  Domenico Mattia Tulilemble 7"   4 listed $4 - $52 View All
  Domenico Mattia Untitled CD   1 listed $6  Details 
Marti In Citta  Domenico Modugna Marti In Citta 7"   1 listed $5  Details 
12 Exitos  Domenico Modugno 12 Exitos LP   1 listed $27  Details 
  Domenico Modugno 1971 3073069 LP   1 listed $10  Details 
Addio Addio  Domenico Modugno Addio... Addio 7"   1 listed $52  Details 
  Domenico Modugno Addio… Addio… 7"   1 listed $12  Details 
Adesso Non Pensarci Pi  Domenico Modugno Adesso Non Pensarci Più 7"   1 listed $13  Details 
Adios Adios  Domenico Modugno Adios Adios 7"   1 listed $20  Details 
All'amore  Domenico Modugno All'amore LP   2 listed $26 - $30 View All
Amara Terra Mia  Domenico Modugno Amara Terra Mia 7", LP   6 listed $3 - $52 View All
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