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campag velocet
Campag Velocet were an indie-electronic-punk-rock band that took heavy inspiration from things such as cycling, fencing and most notably the film / novel "A Clockwork Orange". Formed in the 1990s, the lineup found Pete Voss on vocals, Ian Cater on guitars, keyboards and programming, Barnaby Slater on bass, and Lascelles Gordon on drums, percussion and sampling. The group only ever released two albums, the first being "Bon Chic, Bon Genre", which was released on PIAS Records in 1999 — the album performed incredibly well with extra hype from NME (they called them "The Best New Band In Britain") and the band even landed themselves on various shows with two slots on "Later: With Jools Holland". The band's second album, "It's Beyond Our Control", released on Pointy Records in 2004, received mixed reviews from critics and also achieved mediocre sales, due to the long hiatus and a low-profile record label. The band broke up in 2005.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
Bon Chic Bon Genre  Campag Velocet Bon Chic Bon Genre 2LP, CD, CD Single, CD EP, 12"   9 listed $2 - $59 View All
Drencom  Campag Velocet Drencom 12" Picture Sleeve, 7"   2 listed $6 - $13 View All
It's Beyond Our Control  Campag Velocet It's Beyond Our Control CD   3 listed $7 - $19 View All
Nme  Campag Velocet Nme Magazine   1 listed $7  Details 
Sauntry Sly Chic  Campag Velocet Sauntry Sly Chic 12", CD Single, CD, 12" Picture Sleeve   12 listed $1 - $23 View All
To Lose La Trek  Campag Velocet To Lose La Trek CD Single, 12", 7", CD   12 listed $1 - $23 View All
Vito Satan  Campag Velocet Vito Satan CD Single, 12", CD   10 listed $1 - $8 View All
  Campag Velocet Who Are The Trumping Men CD, CD Single   2 listed $4 - $5 View All
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