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Liverpool's Anathema, started out in the early '90s as strictly a doom metal outfit, with the requisite growled vocals and the trademark muddy sound, but when original singer Darren White left the band in 1995, with guitarist Vincent Cavanagh taking the reins, Anathema started their slow journey into completely uncharted (and unexpected) territory. In fact, Anathema's metamorphosis over the past decade is one of the most remarkable band transformations in recent memory, as album after album has sounded more and more progressive and melodic, in no small part fueled by Cavanagh's superb singing voice. 2001's A Fine Day to Exit, aided by excellent songs like Release and Pressure, was an artistic breakthrough, as the band completely shed themselves of their metal roots, while still putting out powerful, brooding atmospheric rock. On 22 September 2020 the band announced that they would go on an indefinite hiatus.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
Alternative 4  Anathema Alternative 4 LP, CD, Cassette   10 listed $11 - $66 View All
The Crestfallen  Anathema The Crestfallen 12", Cassette, CD   3 listed $30 - $92 View All
Distant Satellites  Anathema Distant Satellites LP, CD, DVD Box Set, 2LP   13 listed $7 - $247 View All
Eternity  Anathema Eternity CD, Cassette   12 listed $6 - $66 View All
Falling Deeper  Anathema Falling Deeper CD, LP   9 listed $11 - $88 View All
A Fine Day To Exit  Anathema A Fine Day To Exit CD, 2LP, LP+CD, Memorabilia   18 listed $4 - $107 View All
Hindsight  Anathema Hindsight CD   5 listed $11 - $66 View All
Internal Landscapes  Anathema Internal Landscapes LP, CD, 2LP   12 listed $5 - $43 View All
Judgement  Anathema Judgement CD, Digi Pak   13 listed $3 - $66 View All
The Lost Song  Anathema The Lost Song 7"   3 listed $6 - $14 View All
Make It Right  Anathema Make It Right CD Single   1 listed $8  Details 
  Anathema A Moment In Time DVD, CD DVD   3 listed $55 - $88 View All
My House  Anathema My House 12"   1 listed $4  Details 
A Natural Disaster  Anathema A Natural Disaster CD   9 listed $5 - $66 View All
Optimist The  Anathema Optimist The CD, LP, Blu-ray, 2LP   15 listed $6 - $100 View All
  Anathema Original Album Classics CD   1 listed $18  Details 
  Anathema Pentacost III CD   1 listed $13  Details 
Pentecost III  Anathema Pentecost III CD   7 listed $4 - $66 View All
Prog 84  Anathema Prog #84 Magazine   1 listed $7  Details 
Resonance  Anathema Resonance CD, Cassette, 2CD   11 listed $7 - $46 View All
  Anathema Resonnance CD   2 listed $14 View All
Serenades  Anathema Serenades LP, Cassette, CD, 2CD   8 listed $10 - $79 View All
The Silent Enigma  Anathema The Silent Enigma CD, LP, Cassette, Picture Disc, CD DVD   18 listed $3 - $132 View All
A Sort Of Homecoming  Anathema A Sort Of Homecoming 3LP, CD   4 listed $13 - $36 View All
Universal  Anathema Universal Blu-ray, CD, Other   7 listed $12 - $42 View All
Untouchable  Anathema Untouchable 12"   1 listed $22  Details 
A Vision Of A Dying Embrace  Anathema A Vision Of A Dying Embrace DVD, CD, LP   8 listed $7 - $44 View All
  Anathema We CD   2 listed $16 - $20 View All
Weather Systems  Anathema Weather Systems CD, LP   5 listed $9 - $88 View All
Were Here Because Were Here  Anathema Were Here Because Were Here CD Box Set, CD DVD, CD, 2LP, LP   7 listed $11 - $160 View All
  Anathema - Silent Enigma (music Cd) - Cd Anathema CD, DVD   30 listed $11 - $104 View All
  Anathema Device The Severing Of Tithes CD   2 listed $9 - $15 View All
  Anathema Device Something Lurking In The Dark CD   1 listed $13  Details 
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