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7000 DYING RATS Vinyl Records and CDs

7000 dying rats
Grind pranksters congregate until they're much too loud Comedy grind band 7000 Dying Rats made short work of Venom, Thin Lizzy, and the theme from Beverly Hills: 90210 on their last couple of records, frequent tour partners Anal Cunt got a taste of their own medicine on "Anal Cunt Is Gay," and a triumphant opening performance for Dio nearly got the band run out of their own hometown. These guys take acting infantile as seriously as Neil Hamburger takes his non-sequitur punch lines. No sacred cow is too tender to gore—or, in the case of the group's infamous backyard party "tribute to black metal," get butchered and nailed to a homemade cross. Black Sabbath (via a banjo arrangement of "Paranoid") and KISS (the stadium-sized parody "Rock n Roll Weapon") get the typical derisive 7KDR treatment on Season in Hell. As usual, half of the fun comes from parsing the song titles, identifying the parody targets, and listening to hear how far the Chicago-Detroit collective is willing to carry a one-note joke. Tracks like "Grind Fluffer" and "Jesus Farted" require no further explanation, but "We Had 'Dying' in Our Name Before All Those Metalcore Cocksuckers Came Along"—which reduces the whole genre into one 20-second song-snippet—is unquestionably the band's...  Read More

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Fanning The Flames Of Fire  7000 Dying Rats Fanning The Flames Of Fire LP, CD   3 listed $5 - $12 View All
Forced Boat  7000 Dying Rats Forced Boat 7"   1 listed $22  Details 
The Sound Of No Hands Clapping  7000 Dying Rats The Sound Of No Hands Clapping CD   1 listed $12  Details 
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