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12 rounds
Imagine if Diamanda Galas retained her ability to terrify but hedged her staggering vocal range, then imagine she's fronting a Marilyn Manson-esque band filtered through the Cramps or the Birthday Party. That's the type of creeping, bruising, twisted rock 'n' roll that 12 Rounds create: heavy Industrial beats and buzzsaw noises, guttural guitar lines, and a vocalist that you'd be afraid to meet in a dark alley. Surprisingly, the band doesn't shy away from acoustic terrain -- like Trent Reznor, they'll bear a more vulnerable, quieter side utilizing only the singer's still harrowing voice and an acoustic guitar. It's just as disquieting as their noisier moments, the way that unadorned intensity can often be truly disturbing.

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12 Rounds  12 Rounds 12 Rounds 12", Blu-ray   2 listed $3 - $10 View All
Business  12 Rounds Business CD Single, CD, 12", Cassette Single   10 listed $2 - $38 View All
  12 Rounds Jitter Juice CD   1 listed $18  Details 
My Big Hero  12 Rounds My Big Hero CD   11 listed $1 - $76 View All
Personally  12 Rounds Personally 12"   1 listed $5  Details 
A Pleasant Smell And Business  12 Rounds A Pleasant Smell And Business VideoPAL, CD Single   2 listed $2 - $100 View All
  12 Rounds Something Burning CD Single   1 listed $4  Details 
Title Tba  12 Rounds Title T.b.a CD   1 listed $57  Details 
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