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Quarteto 1111


A Lenda Do Quarteto 1111


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Format: CD
Condition: MINT (M) / MINT (M) (Cover / Media)    More Info
Label: Som Livre VSL11662
Country: Portugal
Released: 2007
Genre: Prog Rock
Num In Set: 1
Barcode: 5604931116622
Quantity: 1 in stock
Seller Ref:   722535760 Portugal

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1Os Faunos
2A Lenda De El-Rei D. Sebastião
3Balada Para D. Inês
5Dona Victória
6Meu Irmão
8Os Monstros Sagrados
11Nas Terras Do Fim Do Mundo
12Domingo Em Bidonville
13João Nada
14As Trovas Do Vento Que Passa
15Maria Negra
16Todo O Mundo E Ninguém
17É Tempo De Pensar Em Termos De Futuro
18Back To The Country
19Ode To The Beatles
20Uma Nova Maneira De Encarar O Mundo

Barcode: 5604931116622

Tracklisting is supplied by a third party and matched by catalogue number or barcode. Tracks on the release may differ from what is being sold.
Metal Soldiers Records

Metal Soldiers Records (Portugal)

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