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Tura Ya Moya




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Format: CD
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Label: SIREENA 00535430
Released: 20190810
Genre: POP/AL
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* TURA YA MOYA * is in the language of the Zulu * Land of Spirits *The band and multimedia art group with Karen Thastum, DK and Udo Erdenreich (Ziguri), D   has specialized in concerts with light and image projections in strange places. Founded in 1988 in Copenhagen, it has played many locations and facades in Europe and Greenland - always in search of the spirit of each place.The concept: the transgression of boundaries between music, art and performance.Thus, in the last 30 years, a variety of mixed-media compositions have emerged.Some were composed for a special place the group was playing (a limestone cave, a castle, a fort island, a planetarium, etc.). Others were written as a mood image of the time or topic (for example, the history of Europe) that the group was currently working on.The music of this Danish-German fusion, which met in Berlin at the beginning of the 90s, is inspired by ethnical roots, experimental, new music, jazz and trance. It is a journey through the world and its history: from Yggdrasil and Walhall to Africa and Arabia. From Greenland's icebergs to Berlin's backyards. The lyrics, written mostly by Karen Thastum, reflect life and world politics.The wide range of instruments by TURA YA MOYA (Malabar Horn, hurdy-gurdy, zither,Theremin, jew's harp, kalimba, ethnic flutes) is supported by Udo Erdenreich's characteristic bass and Karen Thastum's clarinet and vocals.To many projects TURA YA MOYA invited artists and musicians to play music and perform together. Thus, e.g. Marilyn Mazur, Andrew N.U. Unruh, Martina Gebhardt, Gunter Schickert and the Butoh dancers Minako Seki, Yumiko Yoshioka and Shinichi Iova-Koga (in addition to numerous visual artists) participate in their mixed media concerts

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