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Cheap Cassettes




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Format: CD
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Label: RUM BAR 00499201
Released: 20170217
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The Cheap Cassettes are a rock and roll band from Seattle. Their three chord rumble encompasses elements of punk, power pop, glam, and classic, timeless mid century rock and roll music. They sound as if their Daddy was Paul Westerberg, their mommy was Ronnie Spector, and Chuck Berry was the Doctor that delivered the child. Forming out of the ashes of The Dimestore Haloes, a band that thrived during the mid to late 90's punk explosion, and were very much disciples of the Clash. After releasing four full length records and multiple singles, as well as sharing stages with the world class elite of underground punk rock, The Dimestore Haloes called it a day in 2003. The Cheap Cassettes play high energy, lo-fi garage pop in the tradition of bands like the Replacements, the Buzzcocks and Cheap Trick.

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