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Lawrence, Steve


Take It On Home


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Format: LP+CDR     Want this on CD also?

Condition: EX / M- (Cover / Media)    More Info
Label: Applause APLP-1001
Genre: Vocalists
Quantity: 1 in stock
Seller Ref:   148618

LP+CDR Copy -- This vinyl record album includes a custom made, very good quality digital recording (.wav file = CD quality) burned onto CD. Light noise reduction and click and pop removal will be used to improve the sound. We do not use heavy noise reduction so you may still hear some of the vinyl sound though it will be cleaner. Tracks are numbered and titled. We do not copy the artwork but the original lp is included so you may do so. Multiple album sets will carry extra costs.   Record Condition: EX/M- (Graded Cover/Vinyl).   Special Notes: 1981,osw,swobc

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