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Bran Flakes


Ultimate Hits



Format: LP
Condition: MINT    More Info
Label: Future Logic Development Corporation FLDC001
Country: Us
Released: 2016
Genre: Dance
Num In Set: 1
Barcode: 082368700099
Quantity: 5 in stock

A1 Hi 1:34
A2 Rodeo Butterfly 2:39
A3 What It's All About 1:49
A4 Buttermilk 0:08
A5 Cool Fresh Apple Cider 2:52
A6 Feelings 2:22
A7 Kayla 1:31
A8 No More Free Will 1:33
A9 Good Times A Goo Goo 2:06
A10 Stumble Out Of Bed 2:51
B1 Fifty Four Fifty 1:07
B2 Van Pop 2:00
B3 I Have A Friend 3:01
B4 I Wonder Where My Grandmother Is 1:07
B5 Do You Want Salad With Your Taco 0:45
B6 Mini Mountain Queen 1:02
B7 A Susie Moppet Singtime Sing-A-Long Song 1:10
B8 Evil Knievel 2:05
B9 Smith Corona 10-Day Typing Course 1:21
B10 Riddle 1:35
B11 Dear Mom And Dad 2:28
B12 You Can Do Most Anything 1:21
B13 You Can Sample 2:22

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A2Rodeo Butterfly2:39
A3What It's All About1:49
A5Cool Fresh Apple Cider2:52
A8No More Free Will1:33
A9Good Times A Goo Goo2:06
A10Stumble Out Of Bed2:51
B1Fifty Four Fifty1:07
B2Van Pop2:00
B3I Have A Friend3:01
B4I Wonder Where My Grandmother Is1:07
B5Do You Want Salad With Your Taco0:45
B6Mini Mountain Queen1:02
B7A Susie Moppet Singtime Sing-A-Long Song1:10
B8Evil Knievel2:05
B9Smith Corona 10-Day Typing Course1:21
B11Dear Mom And Dad2:28
B12You Can Do Most Anything1:21
B13You Can Sample2:22

BarcodeScanned: 082368700099

Performer - Mildred Pitt, Otis Fodder