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Cedric Hardwicke & Robert Newton


Read XVII Century Metaphysical & Love Lyrics


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Condition: VG+ / VG (Cover / Media)    More Info
Label: Caedmon TC-1049
Released: 1956
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Seller Ref:   e3092

A original spoken word alabum, a mono vinyl LP pressing, copyright 1956 back cover by Caedmon Publishers. Directed by Howard O. Sackler. Band 1 - HERBERT: Love, Hope, Prayer, Sighs and Grones. Band 2 - HERBERT: Miserie, Man, The Pulley, Jordan. Band 3 - BROWNE: On The Countess Dowager Of Pembroke, BROWNE: For Her Gait, If She Be Walking., SUCKLING: Why So Pale And Wan, Fond Lover., LOVELACE: To Althea From Prison., CARTWRIGHT: No Platonique Love. Band 4 - STRODE: When Westwall Downes., TRAHERNE: Shadows In The West. Side Two, Band 1 - VAUGHAN: The World, The Retreate, Man. Side Two, Band 2 - CRASHAW: The Flaming Heart, For Hope. Side Two, Band 3 - COWLEY: Beauty, Ode Upon Doctor Harvey. Side Two, Band 4 - MARVELL: To His Coy Mistress, The Garden.

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Melodies And Memories (Connecticut, United States)

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