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German Neue Deutsche Härte/Alternative rock group founded in Wolfsburg in 1989. The band name comes from the english slang of word "cool" . Members: Dero Goi: vocals, drums Andreas Crap: guitar, keyboards Robert Flux: guitar, sampling Hailed as pioneers of the German "tanz metal" (dance metal) scene and heavily influencing late-'90s acts like Rammstein, Oomph! were arguably one of the most controversial, influential, and popular German goth-industrial bands to emerge in the early '90s. In spite of their importance to the German industrial scene, however, Oomph! didn't break into the mainstream until the early 2000s. Frontman Dero Goi and guitarist Andreas Crap were born in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony. The two grew up in the same tenement housing unit, and started playing music together when they were in grade school. Dero and Crap were playing in a new wave band by the time they met Robert Flux at a music festival in 1989. The three hit it off, and Oomph! were born. The band traveled to Spain that year and recorded a 500-copy demo. They managed to obtain a contract with Machinery once they returned to Germany; their first single on that label, a KMFDM-esque track called "Ich Bin Du," was released in 1991, and the following year found Oomph! with their...  Read More

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
  Oomph! 1991-1996-the Early Works CD   1 listed CHF15  Details 
  Oomph! 3+1 (e.p., 4 Tracks, 1994) CD Single   1 listed CHF7  Details 
Augen Auf  Oomph! Augen Auf! CD Single, CD, EP   8 listed CHF1 - CHF5 View All
  Oomph! Breathtaker CD   2 listed CHF26 - CHF45 View All
Collection Including Following  Oomph! Collection Including Following CD   1 listed CHF10  Details 
  Oomph! Das Letzte Streichholz CD, CD Single   2 listed CHF3 - CHF4 View All
Das Weisse Licht  Oomph! Das Weisse Licht CD, CD Single   4 listed CHF4 - CHF9 View All
Defekt  Oomph! Defekt CD   3 listed CHF3 - CHF56 View All
  Oomph! Der Neue Gott EP   2 listed CHF39 - CHF78 View All
  Oomph! Des Wahnsinns Fette Beute CD   1 listed CHF11  Details 
  Oomph! Die Schlinge CD Single   1 listed CHF4  Details 
Ego  Oomph! Ego CD   2 listed CHF12 - CHF13 View All
  Oomph! Gekreuzigt CD Single   3 listed CHF4 - CHF10 View All
Glaubeliebetod  Oomph! Glaubeliebetod CD   4 listed CHF5 - CHF30 View All
Gott Ist Ein Popstar  Oomph! Gott Ist Ein Popstar CD, 12", CD Single   5 listed CHF1 - CHF75 View All
  Oomph! Ich Bin Du 12"   1 listed CHF31  Details 
  Oomph! The Journey 12"   1 listed CHF11  Details 
  Oomph! Labyrinth CD Single   1 listed CHF11  Details 
  Oomph! Megamix Der Superstars CD   1 listed CHF8  Details 
Monster  Oomph! Monster CD, Other   4 listed CHF5 - CHF34 View All
Music Box  Oomph! Music Box CD   1 listed CHF11  Details 
  Oomph! Oomh! CD   1 listed CHF15  Details 
Oomph  Oomph! Oomph! CD   4 listed CHF10 - CHF127 View All
Plastik  Oomph! Plastik CD   8 listed CHF3 - CHF13 View All
  Oomph! Praying For Rain 12"   3 listed CHF4 - CHF6 View All
  Oomph! Sex 12", CD Single   3 listed CHF8 - CHF45 View All
  Oomph! Sex Hat Keine Macht CD Single   2 listed CHF4 - CHF6 View All
Sperm  Oomph! Sperm CD   2 listed CHF13 - CHF16 View All
  Oomph! Supernova CD Single   1 listed CHF5  Details 
  Oomph! Träumst Du CD Single   1 listed CHF4  Details 
Truth Or Dare  Oomph! Truth Or Dare CD   3 listed CHF3 - CHF30 View All
  Oomph! Unrein CD   3 listed CHF3 - CHF13 View All
  Oomph! Unsere Rettung CD Single   1 listed CHF10  Details 
  Oomph! Wach Auf! CD Single   1 listed CHF5  Details 
Wahrheit Oder Pflicht  Oomph! Wahrheit Oder Pflicht CD   10 listed CHF4 - CHF33 View All
  Oomph! Wunschkind CD   1 listed CHF21  Details 
Xxv  Oomph! Xxv CD   2 listed CHF12 - CHF47 View All
  Oomph! Feat. L'ame Immortelle Brennende Liebe CD Single   3 listed CHF3 - CHF5 View All
  Oomph! Feat. Nina Hagen Fieber CD Single, CD   2 listed CHF6 - CHF10 View All
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