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Anne Clark    
Anne Clark is a British poetess who was a pioneer in the use of spoken words. She had never sung but always told words on music. Her career began in the early eighties with the new wave, she did hit the charts many times with David Harrow's synthetic compositions. She has also worked with Vini Reilly and Martyn Bates.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
Abuse  Anne Clark Abuse 12", CD Single   13 listed CHF5 - CHF39 View All
An Ordinary Life  Anne Clark An Ordinary Life CD, LP   7 listed CHF5 - CHF67 View All
  Anne Clark The Best Of CD   5 listed CHF7 - CHF61 View All
Changing Places  Anne Clark Changing Places LP, CD   24 listed CHF3 - CHF67 View All
  Anne Clark Counter Act 12", CD Single   5 listed CHF5 - CHF50 View All
Elegy For A Lost Summer  Anne Clark Elegy For A Lost Summer CD Single, CD   12 listed CHF3 - CHF9 View All
Fairytales From  Anne Clark Fairytales From LP   1 listed CHF73  Details 
Goodbye To All That  Anne Clark Goodbye To All That LP   1 listed CHF20  Details 
Haunted Road  Anne Clark Haunted Road 12", CD Single, 12" PS   11 listed CHF3 - CHF64 View All
  Anne Clark Heaven 12", 7"   12 listed CHF3 - CHF60 View All
Homecoming  Anne Clark Homecoming 12", 7"   6 listed CHF5 - CHF74 View All
Hopeless Cases  Anne Clark Hopeless Cases LP, CD   28 listed CHF4 - CHF78 View All
  Anne Clark Hope Road 12", 7"   5 listed CHF4 - CHF40 View All
  Anne Clark Hopless Cases LP   1 listed CHF20  Details 
  Anne Clark If I Could CD Single   3 listed CHF5 - CHF48 View All
Indie And Punk  Anne Clark Indie And Punk CD   1 listed CHF9  Details 
Joined Up Writing  Anne Clark Joined Up Writing 12", LP, Poster, CD   25 listed CHF4 - CHF73 View All
Just After Sunset  Anne Clark Just After Sunset CD   1 listed CHF15  Details 
  Anne Clark The Last Emotion CD Box Set   1 listed CHF41  Details 
The Law Is An Anagram Of Wealth  Anne Clark The Law Is An Anagram Of Wealth CD, LP   10 listed CHF5 - CHF113 View All
Letter Of Thanks To A Friend  Anne Clark Letter Of Thanks To A Friend CD Single, CD Maxi Single   8 listed CHF3 - CHF45 View All
  Anne Clark The Nineties CD   4 listed CHF7 - CHF69 View All
Our Darkness  Anne Clark Our Darkness 12", CD Single, CD, 7", 12" PS   22 listed CHF1 - CHF66 View All
Pressure Points  Anne Clark Pressure Points Cassette, LP, CD, 2CD   40 listed CHF2 - CHF148 View All
  Anne Clark Psychometry CD   1 listed CHF6  Details 
Rsvp  Anne Clark R.s.v.p LP, CD   12 listed CHF5 - CHF72 View All
  Anne Clark Rsvp CD   1 listed CHF4  Details 
Self Destruct  Anne Clark Self Destruct 12", 7", 7" PS   9 listed CHF3 - CHF45 View All
The Sitting Room  Anne Clark The Sitting Room CD, LP   21 listed CHF3 - CHF94 View All
Sleeper In Metropolis  Anne Clark Sleeper In Metropolis 12", CD Single, 7", CD   23 listed CHF3 - CHF55 View All
Terra Incognita  Anne Clark Terra Incognita LP, CD   5 listed CHF11 - CHF57 View All
To Love And Be Loved  Anne Clark To Love And Be Loved CD   6 listed CHF7 - CHF198 View All
  Anne Clark Trilogy CD   3 listed CHF6 - CHF36 View All
True Love Tales  Anne Clark True Love Tales 12"   3 listed CHF11 - CHF41 View All
Unstill Life  Anne Clark Unstill Life CD, LP   13 listed CHF5 - CHF58 View All
Very Best Of  Anne Clark Very Best Of CD   4 listed CHF14 - CHF30 View All
Wallies  Anne Clark Wallies 12", CD Single, EP   12 listed CHF2 - CHF49 View All
Wordprocessing  Anne Clark Wordprocessing CD   3 listed CHF5 - CHF72 View All
  Anne Clark Writing LP   1 listed CHF9  Details 
  Anne Clark / S'express Darkness 12"   1 listed CHF10  Details 
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