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Non Nobis Productions started his activity almost 20 years ago and ceased to exist around 1998, from 1993 to 1998 Non Nobis was an underground mail order and record label. We have released a few tapes and CD’s while we were distributing trough mail order all the best underground releases at the time. We made a name in the underground community but for various reasons we called it a day in 1998. Now we are back in action aiming to bring you great old school traditional Heavy Metal releases! Keep an eye on us visit or On-Line Mail Order where we sell only brand new items and our Ebay Page with a permanent selection of brand new and 2nd hand Records CDs and tapes!
Non Nobis is a Latin term that comes from a 16th century Templar hymn. It means “Not for us”. This is not just a funny name this is the base of our Philosophy. We work hard to help bands and make music available to the metal fans all over the world. Our goals are based on the satisfaction of bands who work with us and customers who buy from us.
Since our comeback we aim to slowly create a catalog based mainly on vinyl releases, but also some CDs, of bands that are usually labeled as NWOBHM, Traditional Heavy Metal, Classic Metal,… to sum up, bands with that “old school” 80’s feel that still rock us like no others!
Profits?! Well we do it for the music, for the bands and for you, so when big record labels say “No!” I say “Yes!”

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Non Nobis Productions
Lisboa, Portugal
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