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Way More Gray Than Punk

Howdy, and thanks for stumbling across Graypunk Records. I’'ve
spent the past several decades orbiting the music retail side of what
was once fondly remembered as the music industry, starting in
1980 at a Record Bar in Leesburg, FL before moving into a
buying gig in the “home office” of that fabled chain a few years
later. And that led to buying gigs with various retailers (The Wall,
Tower), a wholesaler (Valley Media), an internet behemoth
(Amazon) and several years doing a little bit of everything with a
specialty online vinyl-only retailer (Audiophile International).

As you will hopefully notice, I am extremely detailed about my listings,
aiming for complete transparency. There is no guessing as to what pressing
you’'re getting, what the vinyl looks like or the condition of the jacket.
It’'s all there in the description, and I stand behind every listing.

The items I offer for sale are either taken from my personal
collection or have been carefully culled from, well, wherever.
LP’s, CD’s, 7” singles, cassettes, ephemera, promo tchotchkes,
whatever. The vast majority of what I sell is in VG+ condition or
better, unless it’s rarified. And again, if the item has an issue(s),
it will be clearly detailed.

I am readily available by email. If you have a question, I have an answer. Cool? Cool.

Thanks a bunch, Kevin

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graypunk records
California, United States
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