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popular rectro themed vinyl record collectors heaven

Oz and Chris took over ownership from previous owner Sam in September 2013 including Sam's 35.000 stock; and also over 10.000 of our own personal collection of vinyl. This has been Oz's boyhood dream to own a vinyl record shop and his wife's Chris's dream to live near the seaside.

We have refit the shop into a modern retro theme which includes a comfortable seating area for customers and their vinyl widow wives and girlfriends, a listening booth, a Jazz and Blues room, an Abbey Road zebra crossing style entrance which hopefully helps customers to have a pleasurable experience whilst browsing in our shop.

We also offer a record cleaning service with our VPI record cleaner and we currently give this service free to all vinyls that are bought on our website(which is also currently being updated).

Discounts Available:
60% off items on orders $12.38 USD or more

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