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This artist does not refer to a specific group of named individuals (such as a band or musical group) but rather defines the collective term for a group of nomadic inhabitants of the Saharan interior of North Africa in Algeria, Burkina Faso, Libya, Mali and Niger. Please use this "artist" name (or any language variation thereof, via an ANV) for Tuareg, Touareg, Touaregs, Targui, Twareg.. The Tuareg are a large ethnic group that principally inhabit the Sahara in a vast area stretching from far southwestern Libya to southern Algeria, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso. Traditionally nomadic pastoralists, small groups of Tuareg are also found in northern Nigeria. The Tuareg are organized in different castes. Castes within the Tuareg community are the Imouchar (nobles), Imr'ar (vassals), Inislimen (holy men), Enaden (artisans) and Ikelan (slaves). In the oases and settlements there's also a class of freed slaves called Harratin. The social organization of the Tuareg compromises a great number of tribes and factions (the smallest containing perhaps only a...  Read More

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Comanchero 2003  Tuareg (2) Vs. Raggio Di Luna Comanchero 2003 12"   7 listed $1 - $2 View All
  Tuareg Southern Sahara / Var Tuareg Southern Sahara CD   1 listed $32  Details 
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