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It's 1997. A young band are treading the boards of London's mini clubs. Two earnest, young, indie guitar kids - Wayne Murray and Ben Etchells - attempting to provide enthusiastic junior-Pulp backing for the animated posturings of a stage-school front-man. The stage-school singer does the interviews, goes to the parties. The other two go to the pub. They write songs, good songs, songs that are just too good to squander on a band they don't believe in. They don't tell the singer. Somehow they end up in that most forgotten of haunts, Camden's Good Mixer, hosting outlandish drinking competitions with Graham Coxon, Food Records' Andy Ross. Their young shoots steeped in drink they become obsessed with lucky signs, William Burroughs, recurring numbers. 13 appears a lot – seat numbers, serial numbers, lottery winners. They adopt it as a lucky number, doubling up to counter any possible negative vibes. They've formed Thirteen:13 before the other band is even over. With help from fellow Camden singer/guitarist Toby MacFarlaine they put together a demo tape and began to get to know each other. Wayne was the passionate, hot-headed leader obviously the most critical but also the one with the most ambition. Ben was the guitarist. But what a guitarist. "I can...  Read More

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50 Stories  Thirteen:13 50 Stories CD Single, CD Maxi Single, CD, 7", Other   9 listed $1 - $12 View All
Perfect Imperfection  Thirteen:13 Perfect Imperfection CD, CD Single, 7"   7 listed $1 - $2 View All
Truth Hurts  Thirteen:13 Truth Hurts CD Single   2 listed $2 View All
Try  Thirteen:13 Try CD, 7", CD Single, Flat   15 listed $1 - $6 View All
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