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prince far i
Before his brutal slaying in a robbery, the peace-loving Prince Far I established a cult-like worldwide following for his two-faced style: spacey, psychedelic Dub explorations and prophetic DJ Toasting. He preferred being called a chanter rather than a toaster, and often quoted sections of the Bible in his characteristic deep, gravelly voice. There was a serious tone to his recordings, in contrast to the zany humor practiced by toasters like Dr. Alimintado and U-Roy, and the addition of ominous throbbing basslines and spiritual nyahbingi drumming further solemnized his tracks. He began his career with producers Bunny Lee, Clement "Coxsone" Dodd and Joe Gibbs, and proceeded to form his own production company, which put out hundreds of slow, effect-laden Dub classics. His voice had such a deep, authoritative sound to it that modern producers, including the Dub Syndicate, continue to sample his sermons, adding a powerful edge to their own recordings.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
354 Skank  Prince Far I 354 Skank 7"   1 listed $10  Details 
  Prince Far I Black Man Land CD   1 listed $10  Details 
Deck Of Cards  Prince Far I Deck Of Cards 7"   1 listed $45  Details 
Dubwise  Prince Far I Dubwise CD   1 listed $6  Details 
Free From Sin  Prince Far I Free From Sin LP   1 listed $24  Details 
Heavy Manners  Prince Far I Heavy Manners 2CD   1 listed $24  Details 
Jamaican Heroes  Prince Far I Jamaican Heroes LP   5 listed $27 - $47 View All
Let Jah Arise  Prince Far I Let Jah Arise 7"   1 listed $52  Details 
Long Life  Prince Far I Long Life CD, LP   2 listed $12 - $46 View All
Love By Every One  Prince Far I Love By Every One 7"   2 listed $2 - $23 View All
Megabit 25, 1922  Prince Far I Megabit 25, 1922 CD   5 listed $11 - $18 View All
Message For The King  Prince Far I Message For The King LP   2 listed $52 - $100 View All
No More War  Prince Far I No More War 7"   1 listed $36  Details 
Peace Perfect Peace  Prince Far I Peace Perfect Peace 7"   1 listed $40  Details 
Prince Far I  Prince Far I Prince Far I 7", CD, LP, DVD   24 listed $17 - $183 View All
Psalms Far I  Prince Far I Psalms Far I CD   1 listed $24  Details 
Showcase In A Suitcase  Prince Far I Showcase In A Suitcase LP   1 listed $171  Details 
Stop The War  Prince Far I Stop The War 7"   1 listed $9  Details 
Tribute To Michael Holding  Prince Far I Tribute To Michael Holding 7"   2 listed $5 - $8 View All
The Trojan Albums Collection  Prince Far I The Trojan Albums Collection CD   3 listed $16 - $22 View All
Umkhonto We Sizwe  Prince Far I Umkhonto We Sizwe CD   3 listed $11 - $30 View All
Under Heavy Manners  Prince Far I Under Heavy Manners LP   2 listed $17 - $24 View All
  Prince Far I Virgin 10"   1 listed $26  Details 
Voice Of Thunder  Prince Far I Voice Of Thunder LP, CD   3 listed $18 - $33 View All
Army Gideon  Prince Far I & Black Skin The Prophet / Prince Army Gideon 7"   1 listed $29  Details 
Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter IV  Prince Far I & The Arabs Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter IV CD, LP   10 listed $15 - $107 View All
Dwelling In Zion  Prince Far I / Record Smith & The All Stars Dwelling In Zion 7"   1 listed $2  Details 
  Prince Far I&trinity D.j. Originators LP   1 listed $26  Details 
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