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Pissed was formed in the summer of 1991 by the three editors of Profane Existence Magazine. The band was very short-lived, mainly being an outlet to let off steam after the week's work at Profane Existence was done (practices were held every Friday night after the collective meetings). 1991-1992: Newt Rayburn (guitar & vox) Dan Siskind (bass & vox) Joel Olson (drums) 1993: Dan Siskind (bass & vox) Joel Olson (drums) Tod Fuk (guitar & vox) Newt Rayburn left the band in 1992 and started the Mississippi based punk metal band The Cooters in 1993. The Pissed song "Purge" was reworked and a staple of The Cooters for the next couple of decades. It appears on The Cooters 2002 album "The Moon Will Rise Again."

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
  Pissed Pissed 7"   1 listed $6  Details 
  Pissed Boys Ep EP, 7"   2 listed $5 View All
  Pissed Boys Tschingahsa LP   1 listed $5  Details 
The Best Of Sub Pop 2009  Pissed Jeans The Best Of Sub Pop 2009 12", LP   5 listed $6 - $25 View All
Honeys  Pissed Jeans Honeys CD, LP   9 listed $4 - $30 View All
Hope For Men  Pissed Jeans Hope For Men CD, LP   7 listed $6 - $22 View All
King Of Jeans  Pissed Jeans King Of Jeans CD, LP   4 listed $7 - $17 View All
Shallow  Pissed Jeans Shallow LP Gatefold, CD   6 listed $10 - $68 View All
  Pissed Jeans Throbbing Organ EP   1 listed $13  Details 
The Very Best Of Sub Pop 2009  Pissed Jeans The Very Best Of Sub Pop 2009 LP   1 listed $15  Details 
Why Love Now  Pissed Jeans Why Love Now CD, LP, Cassette   11 listed $3 - $31 View All
  Pissedcolas Glue Gun 12"   1 listed $14  Details 
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