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Perry Farrell is surely one of rock's savviest exponents. His billion dollar Lollapalooza baby was instrumental in exposing alternative music formats to the masses and establishing a sense of commonality across an otherwise hopelessly fragmented demographic. Hell, he's the Dave Clark of the nineties. Musically speaking, Farrell is something of a gadabout. From Goth Metal in his first band, Psi Com, to Glam/Punk Metal in Jane's Addiction, to heavy rotation alterna-pop in Porno for Pyros, Farrell has covered a lot of stylistic bases. Continuing to expand the reach of his creative empire, Farrell branches out into dance mix territory on his latest solo outing. Apparently his experiences as a regularly gigging DJ around Los Angeles have piqued his appetite for super-mixed danceteria rhythms and turntablist high jinks. The metal edges have been smoothed down from his earlier work and his penchant for shimmering pop textures and lush ethereality brought to the fore.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
  Perry Innocents Abroad CD   1 listed $10  Details 
Perduto Amor  Perry Perduto Amor 7"   1 listed $137  Details 
  Perry We Are The Champions CD   1 listed $4  Details 
  Perry & Band GrĂ¼sse Aus Italien CD   1 listed $3  Details 
  Perry & Band Souvenirs Aus Spaniens CD   1 listed $4  Details 
  Perry & Kingsley Spotlight On The Moog Kaleidoscope Vibrations LP   2 listed $11 - $13 View All
Rockin' Wobble  Perry & Pete Rockin' Wobble 7"   1 listed $5  Details 
Shake Down  Perry & Salin Shake Down 7"   1 listed $5  Details 
For Those Who Love  Perry & Sanlin For Those Who Love CD   1 listed $9  Details 
  Perry & Sanlin Just To Make You Happy 7"   1 listed $21  Details 
  Perry & Sanlin Off On Your Love 7"   1 listed $39  Details 
Special To Me  Perry & Sanlin Special To Me 7", 2LP   6 listed $4 - $11 View All
We're The Winners  Perry & Sanlin We're The Winners LP   1 listed $14  Details 
  Perry & Sanlin Yers, I'm Lonesome Tonight 7"   1 listed $24  Details 
Intrigue With Soul  Perry & The Harmonics Intrigue With Soul LP, CD   9 listed $14 - $28 View All
No Fear In Love  Perry & The Poor Boys No Fear In Love CD   2 listed $10 - $19 View All
  Perry & The Poor Boys Saturn Light CD   3 listed $4 - $16 View All
  Perry & The Poorboys Unknown CD   1 listed $15  Details 
Karaoke Compatible  Perry & The Red Foxxe Karaoke Compatible CD   1 listed $12  Details 
Other Side Of The Bridge  Perry & The Travellers Other Side Of The Bridge CD   2 listed $13 - $18 View All
  Perry Al Doctor Happy 7"   1 listed $6  Details 
  Perry Al The German Love Song 7"   1 listed $8  Details 
  Perry Al The Good And Bad 7"   1 listed $24  Details 
  Perry Al Slight Of Hand 7"   1 listed $4  Details 
  Perry Al Taste My Honey 7"   1 listed $9  Details 
  Perry Allen Itll Be Ok CD   1 listed $5  Details 
  Perry Amy Glory All Around CD   1 listed $23  Details 
  Perry Barbara Bobby Is A Bad Bad Boy 7"   1 listed $12  Details 
  Perry Barbara Unlovable 7"   2 listed $24 - $30 View All
Then Said Isaiah  Perry Beach / Joseph Kantor / Igor Stravinsky / De Then Said Isaiah LP   2 listed $11 - $16 View All
Banjo  Perry Bechtel Banjo LP   1 listed $4  Details 
  Perry Bill Can't Let You Go 7"   2 listed $36 View All
  Perry Bill Dont Know Nothing About Love CD   2 listed $11 - $15 View All
  Perry Bill Fire It Up CD   1 listed $7  Details 
  Perry Bill Love Scars CD   3 listed $5 - $24 View All
Raw Deal  Perry Bill Raw Deal CD   2 listed $11 - $20 View All
  Perry Blake Broken Statues CD   1 listed $4  Details 
  Perry Blake Genevieve CD Single, 12"   3 listed $4 - $20 View All
  Perry Blake The Hunchback Of San Francisco CD Single   1 listed $20  Details 
  Perry Blake If I Let You In CD   1 listed $3  Details 
  Perry Blake My Baby Waited Too Long 7"   1 listed $12  Details 
  Perry Blake New Years Wish CD   2 listed $15 - $16 View All
Perry Blake  Perry Blake Perry Blake CD, DVD   5 listed $1 - $21 View All
  Perry Blake The Road To Hollywood CD   1 listed $2  Details 
  Perry Blake Songs For Someone CD, CD Single   5 listed $3 - $9 View All
Songs Of Faith  Perry Blake Songs Of Faith CD, LP, EP, 7", 7" Picture Sleeve   11 listed $2 - $27 View All
Ordinary Day  Perry Blake / Nancy Danino Ordinary Day CD   2 listed $7 View All
  Perry Bob Light Fuse Run Away CD   1 listed $23  Details 
  Perry Botkin The Executioner Theme 7" Picture Sleeve, 7", EP   7 listed $4 - $11 View All
The Exercutioner Theme  Perry Botkin The Exercutioner Theme 7" Picture Sleeve   1 listed $18  Details 
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