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The Minutemen were a band from San Pedro, California, formed in 1980 by childhood friends Dennes "D." Boon (vocals, guitar) and Mike Watt (bass, vocals) following the break-up of their previous band, . Although technically considered a punk rock band, the group frequently added elements of funk and jazz into their songs and would also incorporate classic rock covers into their records and live sets, most notably covering Steely Dan, Van Halen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Blue Öyster Cult (the latter two were huge influences on a young Boon and Watt). The band was known for the brevity of their songs, freeing them from solos, choruses, breakdowns, and fade-outs. Also, D. Boon was known for his very trebly guitar tone, believing in a "democratic" sound, in which all instruments would sound distinct...  Read More

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
3way Tie For Last Poster  Minutemen 3-way Tie For Last Poster CD, LP, Poster   3 listed $28 - $57 View All
All My Friends  Minutemen All My Friends 12"   3 listed $4 - $73 View All
  Minutemen Ballot Results Cassette   1 listed $74  Details 
The Best Of The Radio Tokyo Tapes  Minutemen The Best Of The Radio Tokyo Tapes LP   1 listed $8  Details 
Bingo Bongo  Minutemen Bingo Bongo 12", 12" Picture Sleeve, CD Maxi Single   14 listed $1 - $21 View All
Double Nickels On The Dime  Minutemen Double Nickels On The Dime CD   2 listed $29 - $46 View All
Engineers Can Dance Too  Minutemen Engineers Can Dance Too LP   3 listed $9 - $57 View All
Joy  Minutemen Joy CD, CD3, 7"   4 listed $7 - $14 View All
  Minutemen Live LP   1 listed $70  Details 
Minutemen  Minutemen Minutemen CD, DVD   4 listed $12 - $50 View All
Ok Alright  Minutemen O.k. Alright 12"   5 listed $3 - $9 View All
Ok, Alright  Minutemen Ok, Alright 12"   13 listed $1 - $17 View All
Ok Alright  Minutemen Ok Alright 12"   13 listed $1 - $20 View All
Paranoid Time  Minutemen Paranoid Time 7" Picture Sleeve, CD3, 7"   3 listed $14 - $62 View All
Project  Minutemen Project CD, 12", LP   4 listed $15 - $35 View All
  Minutemen Return To Bingo Bongo 12"   3 listed $3 - $10 View All
Sickles And Hammers  Minutemen Sickles And Hammers CD, LP   4 listed $13 - $19 View All
  Minutemen The Stone DVD   1 listed $35  Details 
  Minutemen (the Return To Bingo Bongo 12"   1 listed $45  Details 
quottour  Minutemen "tour 7"   1 listed $23  Details 
  Minutemen Tour-spiel 7"   1 listed $62  Details 
Warfare  Minutemen Warfare CD, LP   4 listed $17 - $22 View All
  Minutemen We Jam Econo DVD   1 listed $19  Details 
What Makes A Man Start Fires  Minutemen What Makes A Man Start Fires Cassette   1 listed $49  Details 
Words Fail Me Now  Minutemen Words Fail Me Now CD Single   1 listed $6  Details 
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