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Men I Trust is an indie pop band from Quebec City (Canada). Founding members Jessy and Dragos knew each other since their fourth year of high school. Back then (the mid-2000’s), Dragos had somewhat of a background in classical piano and Jessy mastered the dark and esoteric art of the metal guitar soloist. In 2012, while finishing his master’s degree in audio postproduction at Laval University with S. Lacasse, S. Stévance and S. Samson, Dragos spent most of his days and sleeping hours at the “LARC” studio working on his solo projects. He randomly met Jessy again, who was finishing his bachelor degree in Jazz guitar, in one of the faculty’s hallways and talked about doing a French-Touch / Italo-Disco track together. Some weeks later, they did just that. And it worked out so well that they decided to extend their collaboration to a whole project where many singers would be involved. Between 2012 and 2016, all of Jessy’s and Dragos’ (now pursuing a PhD) releases were made as part of Dragos’ masters and PhD studies in order to gain access to the LARC’s infrastructure and to develop a unique sound by mixing and mastering at the same time, achieving loud, large and high quality renders. In 2013, Jessy and Dragos were introduced to Odile...  Read More

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Men I Trust  Men I Trust Men I Trust LP   1 listed $38  Details 
Oncle Jazz  Men I Trust Oncle Jazz 2LP   1 listed $108  Details 
Tail Whip Deluxe  Men I Trust Tail Whip Deluxe CD   1 listed $20  Details 
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