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matthew shipp
During the past decade, pianist Matt Shipp has become one of the most talked-about figures in Free Jazz. Recording prolifically both as a leader and with the David S. Ware Quartet, he has steadily established himself as an original voice, outgrowing the frequent Cecil Taylor comparisons that were so present early in his career. It's true that his dense harmonies and rolling, where's-the-beat rhythms can resemble Taylor (at least on the surface), and the two have collaborated with some of the same musicians, most notably bassist William Parker; in essence, though, he's a different player. Hints of Bill Evans' impressionism and Andrew Hill's cerebral Post Bop sensibility creep in at points, while his percussively probing low-end fixation seems to come from somewhere else entirely. Pastoral Composure seems to point in yet a different direction: melodic and at times even conventionally swinging in a boppish manner, it also breathes more than some of his past CDs. As such, it's a good introductory point for those who might have gotten claustrophobic with something like Flow of X.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
4d  Matthew Shipp 4d CD   2 listed $11 - $29 View All
  Matthew Shipp By The Law Of Music CD   1 listed $14  Details 
Circular Temple  Matthew Shipp Circular Temple CD   2 listed $5 - $10 View All
Codebreaker  Matthew Shipp Codebreaker CD, LP   3 listed $18 - $38 View All
  Matthew Shipp Conduct Of Jazz CD   1 listed $15  Details 
Cosmic Lieder  Matthew Shipp Cosmic Lieder CD   3 listed $13 - $47 View All
Darkseid Recital  Matthew Shipp Darkseid Recital CD   1 listed $47  Details 
  Matthew Shipp Duo With William Parker CD   1 listed $29  Details 
  Matthew Shipp Elastic Aspects CD   1 listed $29  Details 
  Matthew Shipp Equilibrium CD   4 listed $6 - $31 View All
  Matthew Shipp Greatest Hits CD   1 listed $29  Details 
Harmony And Abyss  Matthew Shipp Harmony And Abyss CD   5 listed $7 - $53 View All
Invisible Touch  Matthew Shipp Invisible Touch CD   1 listed $52  Details 
  Matthew Shipp Ive Been To Many Places CD   1 listed $29  Details 
Knives From Heaven  Matthew Shipp Knives From Heaven CD   1 listed $3  Details 
  Matthew Shipp New Orbit CD   1 listed $8  Details 
Nu Bop  Matthew Shipp Nu Bop CD   2 listed $31 - $53 View All
One  Matthew Shipp One CD   2 listed $31 - $54 View All
  Matthew Shipp Pastoral Composure CD   1 listed $29  Details 
The Piano Equation  Matthew Shipp The Piano Equation CD   1 listed $9  Details 
  Matthew Shipp Piano Sutras CD   2 listed $29 View All
Piano Vortex  Matthew Shipp Piano Vortex CD   2 listed $31 - $53 View All
  Matthew Shipp Shipp,matthew DVD   16 listed $60 - $68 View All
Songs  Matthew Shipp Songs CD   1 listed $71  Details 
  Matthew Shipp The Sorcerer Sessions CD   1 listed $31  Details 
Unidentifiable  Matthew Shipp Unidentifiable CD   1 listed $22  Details 
Vessel In Orbit  Matthew Shipp Vessel In Orbit CD   1 listed $24  Details 
  Matthew Shipp Vs. Antipop Consortium CD   1 listed $31  Details 
The Wire Front Cover Feb 1998  Matthew Shipp The Wire Front Cover Feb 1998 Memorabilia   1 listed $2  Details 
Zero  Matthew Shipp Zero CD   1 listed $22  Details 
Spinal Syntax 1 And 2  Matthew Shipp / Loren Mazzacane Connors / Val Bert Spinal Syntax 1 And 2 7"   2 listed $9 - $23 View All
Sama  Matthew Shipp / Sabir Mateen Sama CD   1 listed $10  Details 
Dna  Matthew Shipp Duo Dna CD   1 listed $6  Details 
  Matthew Shipp Duo Zo CD   1 listed $24  Details 
  Matthew Shipp Horn Quartet Strata CD   1 listed $15  Details 
  Matthew Shipp String Trio Expansion, Power, Release CD   1 listed $12  Details 
  Matthew Shipp Trio / Matthew Multiplication Table CD   1 listed $21  Details 
  Shipp, matthew, & Mat Maneri Gravitational Systems CD   2 listed $14 - $17 View All
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