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Some may feel Mariah Carey has the fashion sense of a 1970s porn star, but her dazzling, multi-octave voice defined '90s "diva-tude." Carey ruled the charts during the Clinton decade -- literally, her 1990 debut album alone spawned four No. 1 hit singles and set the stage for Celine Dion's less R&B/dance-oriented approach. Her albums are always expertly crafted and performed, making her MTV Unplugged EP a surprisingly warm change of pace. Carey has entered the new century ready to defend her urban vocalist crown against Whitney Houston or any other iron-lunged singer that her ex-beau, music mogul Tommy Mottola, decides to promote.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
  Mariah 3 (iii, 100% Original Retrospect Rec. Rr-233, Silver Disc, "mint") CD   1 listed $47  Details 
Auschwitz Dream  Mariah Auschwitz Dream LP   1 listed $19  Details 
  Mariah Hey Mama 7"   2 listed $6 - $12 View All
Somewhere Between  Mariah Somewhere Between CD   2 listed $48 - $50 View All
Utakata No Hibi  Mariah Utakata No Hibi CD, Cassette, LP   5 listed $20 - $81 View All
orange Utakata No Hibi 2lp  Mariah (japan) (orange Utakata No Hibi (2lp)) LP   1 listed $56  Details 
12s  Mariah Carey 12s 12" Box Set   1 listed $172  Details 
  Mariah Carey 1993 Mlv 49179 Laser Disc   1 listed $38  Details 
  Mariah Carey 1993 Srlm 876 Laser Disc   1 listed $49  Details 
1's  Mariah Carey #1's CD, 2LP, Other, DVD, Cassette   53 listed $1 - $299 View All
  Mariah Carey #1's-best Of CD   1 listed $6  Details 
  Mariah Carey #1's Home Vhs Pal VideoPAL   1 listed $6  Details 
  Mariah Carey # 1st CD   4 listed $16 View All
  Mariah Carey "1" The Best Of Mariah Carey Cassette   1 listed $12  Details 
1 To Infinity  Mariah Carey #1 To Infinity CD   7 listed $9 - $399 View All
3 Cd Collector's Set  Mariah Carey 3 Cd Collector's Set 3CD   1 listed $299  Details 
The Adventures Of Mimi  Mariah Carey The Adventures Of Mimi DVD, DVD Box Set   7 listed $4 - $97 View All
Against All Odds  Mariah Carey Against All Odds CD, CD Single, CD Maxi Single, 2CD   25 listed $1 - $40 View All
All I Want For Christmas Is You  Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You CD, CD Single, CD3, 2CD, Cassette Single, CD Maxi Single   21 listed $2 - $85 View All
Always Be My Baby  Mariah Carey Always Be My Baby CD Single, 12", CD, EP, CD3, 7"   26 listed $2 - $50 View All
  Mariah Carey Anytime You Need A Friend 7", CD, 12", CD Single, LP, CD Maxi Single, Cassette, Cassette Single, 2X 12", 12" Picture Sleeve   47 listed $1 - $125 View All
Around The World  Mariah Carey Around The World DVD, NTSC+PAL   3 listed $3 - $31 View All
The Ballads  Mariah Carey The Ballads CD EP, CD, DVD, CD Single   21 listed $3 - $68 View All
Best Ballads  Mariah Carey Best Ballads CD   1 listed $54  Details 
  Mariah Carey The Best Music Videos DVD   1 listed $75  Details 
  Mariah Carey The Best Of Hits CD   1 listed $11  Details 
Best Songs  Mariah Carey Best Songs CD   4 listed $4 - $48 View All
boyz II Menone Sweet Day  Mariah Carey (+boyz II Menone Sweet Day) 7"   1 listed $16  Details 
Breakdown  Mariah Carey Breakdown 7"   1 listed $5  Details 
Butterfly  Mariah Carey Butterfly Cassette, CD Maxi Single, 12", CD Single, CD, LP, 2CD, Picture Disc, Mini Disc, Memorabilia   55 listed $1 - $299 View All
Bye Bye  Mariah Carey Bye Bye CD Single   1 listed $15  Details 
  Mariah Carey Call 266 Presents Special Sampler CD3   1 listed $111  Details 
Can't Let Go  Mariah Carey Can't Let Go 7", CD Single, CD Maxi Single, CD, 2CD   39 listed $1 - $53 View All
Can't Take That Away  Mariah Carey Can't Take That Away 12", CD Single, CD Maxi Single   4 listed $6 - $37 View All
Caution  Mariah Carey Caution CD, LP   8 listed $8 - $38 View All
Charmbracelet  Mariah Carey Charmbracelet CD, 2LP, Cassette, 12"   28 listed $2 - $86 View All
The Collection  Mariah Carey The Collection CD   3 listed $20 - $37 View All
Daydream  Mariah Carey Daydream Cassette, CD, LP, Mini Disc, CD Single, Memorabilia   77 listed $1 - $325 View All
Debut Org 1990 Pressed  Mariah Carey Debut Org 1990 Pressed CD   1 listed $14  Details 
Don't Forget About Us  Mariah Carey Don't Forget About Us 12", CD Single, CD, CD Maxi Single   17 listed $3 - $49 View All
Don't Stop  Mariah Carey Don't Stop 12", LP   7 listed $1 - $13 View All
Do You Think Of Me  Mariah Carey Do You Think Of Me 7"   1 listed $5  Details 
Dreamlover  Mariah Carey Dreamlover CD Single, 7" Picture Sleeve, CD, 7", 12", CD Maxi Single, CD3, Cassette Single   27 listed $2 - $150 View All
The Emancipation Of Mimi  Mariah Carey The Emancipation Of Mimi CD   24 listed $3 - $30 View All
Emc  Mariah Carey E=mc² 2LP, CD   10 listed $3 - $102 View All
Emc2  Mariah Carey E=mc2 CD, 2LP   9 listed $3 - $399 View All
  Mariah Carey E = Mc2 Poster In A Mount Memorabilia   1 listed $18  Details 
Emociones  Mariah Carey Emociones LP   1 listed $52  Details 
Emotions  Mariah Carey Emotions Cassette, LP, 7", 12", CD, LP Colored Vinyl, Mini Disc, CD Maxi Single, CD Single, CD3   117 listed $1 - $206 View All
The Essential 2  Mariah Carey The Essential 2 CD, 2CD   4 listed $15 - $45 View All
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