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machine head
Machine Head have made a name for themselves as being one of the most brutal-sounding bands of the '90s. When they came on the scene in the early to mid-1990s, their rhythms were of near-Industrial intensity, and their guitars were as explosive as if they were blasting for mineral resources. As the '90s progressed, so did their sound, as they became no less intense, but focused their energy toward more complex song structures. Machine Head could hardly be called Prog, but their aggressive stance evolved as they incorporated groove-oriented sounds and a more percussive, rap style of vocals, maintaining their positions at the crest of Metal's latest stylistic wave.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
2003 Promo I Love Metal  Machine Head 2003 Promo I Love Metal CD Video   1 listed $12  Details 
2015 Spring Sampler  Machine Head 2015 Spring Sampler CD   1 listed $9  Details 
An Evening With Tour In Japan 2015  Machine Head An Evening With... Tour In Japan 2015 Program   1 listed $9  Details 
The Blackening  Machine Head The Blackening CD, CD DVD   16 listed $4 - $132 View All
  Machine Head The Black Procession 10"   1 listed $99  Details 
Bloodstone And Diamonds  Machine Head Bloodstone And Diamonds CD, 2LP, Picture Disc, LP   13 listed $5 - $199 View All
The Burning Red  Machine Head The Burning Red CD, LP   23 listed $1 - $66 View All
Burn My Eyes  Machine Head Burn My Eyes CD, LP   17 listed $5 - $130 View All
Catharsis  Machine Head Catharsis CD, LP, 2LP, Cassette   12 listed $8 - $46 View All
Crashing Around You  Machine Head Crashing Around You CD Single, CD   3 listed $7 - $12 View All
Days Turn Blue To Gray  Machine Head Days Turn Blue To Gray 7", Sticker, 7" Picture Disc   3 listed $2 - $14 View All
  Machine Head Elegies DVD   1 listed $66  Details 
  Machine Head ?f Kingd?m And Cr?wn LP, CD   3 listed $14 - $37 View All
From This Day  Machine Head From This Day CD, CD Single, CD Maxi Single   7 listed $3 - $14 View All
  Machine Head Giving Good Head CD   1 listed $24  Details 
Hellalive  Machine Head Hellalive CD, Memorabilia   14 listed $4 - $66 View All
  Machine Head (infected + Protoplasm Big Giant Music Uk, Vinyl 12" Maxi-single, Original 1992) 12"   1 listed $20  Details 
Japan Tour 2018  Machine Head Japan Tour 2018 Program   2 listed $8 - $9 View All
Kerrang No525  Machine Head Kerrang No.525 Magazine   2 listed $4 - $6 View All
Killers And Kings  Machine Head Killers And Kings 10"   2 listed $16 - $28 View All
  Machine Head Locust 10", 10" Picture Sleeve   3 listed $6 - $24 View All
  Machine Head Lowdown 2CD   1 listed $4  Details 
Machine Head  Machine Head Machine Head 2CD, CD, Memorabilia, DVD   33 listed $9 - $130 View All
  Machine Head Maximum Machine Head CD   1 listed $5  Details 
Metal Hammer  Machine Head Metal Hammer Magazine   1 listed $7  Details 
The More Things Change  Machine Head The More Things Change CD, Poster, Cassette   19 listed $3 - $66 View All
Now I Lay Thee Down  Machine Head Now I Lay Thee Down CD Single   1 listed $8  Details 
Of Kingdom And Crown  Machine Head Of Kingdom And Crown LP, CD, 2LP   7 listed $24 - $112 View All
Old  Machine Head Old CD, CD Single, 10" Picture Disc, 10" Picture Sleeve   7 listed $7 - $41 View All
Orgasm  Machine Head Orgasm CD, LP   13 listed $9 - $227 View All
Supercharger  Machine Head Supercharger CD   7 listed $2 - $48 View All
  Machine Head Take My Scars CD Single   2 listed $7 - $8 View All
Through The Ashes Of Empires  Machine Head Through The Ashes Of Empires CD, 2CD   21 listed $2 - $66 View All
Unto The Locust  Machine Head Unto The Locust CD, CD DVD   11 listed $7 - $66 View All
Year Of The Dragon  Machine Head Year Of The Dragon CD, CD Single   3 listed $7 - $33 View All
  1996) Machine Heads (14 Tracks Peace Love And Pitbulls CD   1 listed $9  Details 
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