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A wildly innovative trio out of New York, Zev Love X, Subroc, and Onyx first surfaced in 1991 with their debut LP, Mr. Hood. Startlingly original, the album's playfully eclectic production drew from jazz, Sesame Street, and language records, while the rhymes dealt with everything from facial hair to black empowerment. They were from the same school as groups such as De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest, although crossover success eluded them for the most part. K.M.D.'s classic 1994 follow-up, Black Bastards, was shelved by their label, but was finally released six years later. Zev Love X went on to become MF Doom, dropping several 12-inches and an excellent debut LP, Operation Doomsday (1999).

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
  K. Amputate Corporate Art CD, LP   3 listed $15 - $25 View All
Burning Pattern Etiquette  K. Burning Pattern Etiquette LP   2 listed $29 - $31 View All
Get My Soul  K. Get My Soul 12"   1 listed $5  Details 
K Ep  K. K. Ep 12"   1 listed $11  Details 
Little Wish  K. Little Wish 12"   2 listed $3 - $4 View All
My Flesh Reveals Millions Of Souls  K. My Flesh Reveals Millions Of Souls CDR   1 listed $8  Details 
Never Say  K. Never Say 12"   4 listed $8 - $9 View All
  K. Not Here 7"   1 listed $2  Details 
Broken Wings  K Broken Wings 12"   2 listed $1 - $4 View All
  K Cd LP   1 listed $5  Details 
Destination Unknown  K Destination Unknown 12"   1 listed $4  Details 
Disconnected  K Disconnected 12"   1 listed $9  Details 
Don't  K Don't 12"   3 listed $4 - $7 View All
  K Give In To The Music 12"   3 listed $2 - $15 View All
In The House  K In The House 12"   2 listed $1 - $2 View All
  K K CD   1 listed $17  Details 
Live Live Live  K Live! Live! Live! CD   1 listed $34  Details 
Oblivious  K Oblivious 12"   1 listed $4  Details 
Out In The Dark  K Out In The Dark 12"   5 listed $1 - $3 View All
  K Sliding In 7"   1 listed $59  Details 
  K Slow, Audiofly 12"   1 listed $3  Details 
Tokyo  K Tokyo CD   1 listed $15  Details 
  K Total Recall 12"   1 listed $4  Details 
Waveshaper  K Waveshaper CD Single, 12"   2 listed $4 - $6 View All
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