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goodie mob
If you've been avoiding your old friend hip-hop because you're fed up with those materialistic, gun-toting ways, then you need to point your ears towards Georgia. If you're wondering who stole the soul and left rap music riddled with pop hook-stealing sellouts, you ought to launch a private investigation of the Goodie Mob. Evidently, they've snatched up all the heart and are hoarding it in Atlanta. The group's name is actually an acronym for "the Good Die Mostly Over Bulls#!t." Their music is primarily dedicated to showing listeners it doesn't have to be that way. Backed by innovative production unit Organized Noize, the Mob delves deeply into the ghetto experience. But rather than glorify the drug-driven violence that's increasingly representative of urban existence, they battle the societal factors and mental conditioning behind it. You can feel their soulful sincerity, poured generously into each gruff, Southern Rap and in every expansive harmony.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
Age Against The Machine  Goodie Mob Age Against The Machine CD   1 listed $5  Details 
Beautiful Skin  Goodie Mob Beautiful Skin CD, 12"   3 listed $3 - $35 View All
Black Ice  Goodie Mob Black Ice CD Single, Cassette, CD, 12"   6 listed $3 - $19 View All
Cell Therapy  Goodie Mob Cell Therapy CD Single, Cassette   2 listed $4 - $9 View All
Chain Swang  Goodie Mob Chain Swang 12", EP   5 listed $1 - $3 View All
Dirty South  Goodie Mob Dirty South CD, 12"   4 listed $3 - $11 View All
  Goodie Mob The DonĂ­t' Dance No Mo' CD Single   1 listed $5  Details 
  Goodie Mob Fight To Win CD Single   1 listed $8  Details 
  Goodie Mob Get Rich To This 12", CD Single   3 listed $3 - $4 View All
One Monkey Don't Stop No Show  Goodie Mob One Monkey Don't Stop No Show CD, 12"   5 listed $2 - $19 View All
Soul Food  Goodie Mob Soul Food CD, CD Single   4 listed $2 - $75 View All
Still Standing  Goodie Mob Still Standing CD, Cassette   7 listed $5 - $59 View All
They Don't Dance No Mo'  Goodie Mob They Don't Dance No Mo' 12"   2 listed $3 - $10 View All
  Goodie Mob We Back EP   1 listed $1  Details 
World Party  Goodie Mob World Party CD, 2LP   9 listed $2 - $27 View All
The World I Know  Goodie Mob & Esthero / Dead Prez The World I Know 12"   1 listed $2  Details 
  Goodie Mob - World Party [pa] Goodie Mob CD   1 listed $26  Details 
What It Ain't  Goodie Mob Featuring Tlc What It Ain't 12", CD Single, CD   10 listed $1 - $5 View All
First's Volume 2  Goodie Mob Featuring Tlc B/w Project Playaz First's Volume 2 12"   1 listed $3  Details 
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