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Japanese hardcore punk band. D.S.B is an abbreviation for Defiance of Shit Bastards. D.S.B was created by two high school students KAZU (vocal) and YO (guitar) in 1990. They gave out their first demo tape, recorded with a simple tape recorder during one of their lives in 1991, at their concerts in Kokibinji Morgana, where they used to play at that time. They were still newbies who had been playing instruments for just a few months. The band name on the tapes the boys wrote themselves with a red pencil and they made several mistakes in only three words. Next the demo of 1993 was recorded in a studio and included four songs; the number of copies printed was a mystery even for D.S.B members. Then the omnibus album In Search of Space, released in 1994, became a kind of milestone for the band. At that time they played not only in Santama (which is one of the suburban areas of Tokyo) but in downtown Tokyo as well. They were influenced greatly by all the music they heard around them and they easily picked up new styles. All those influences were reflected in the album, whose sound is sometimes even close to pop. The release was sold in a shop called "Disc Union" at a low price. The tape NO FIGHT NO GET appeared in 1995; it included seven songs and 350...  Read More

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Mama  D.s.b. Mama 12"   1 listed $10  Details 
Pure Cultivation  D.s.b. Pure Cultivation 7"   1 listed $4  Details 
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