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Lief Sorbye and Michael Mullen, veterans of the Celtic Progressive Rock band Tempest, play fiddle and octave mandola (mandolin) as the duo Caliban. High-energy tunes and ballads showcase their improvisational virtuosity.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
The Awakening  Caliban The Awakening CD   7 listed $6 - $60 View All
  Caliban The Beloved And The Hatred CD   1 listed $2  Details 
  Caliban Caliban CD, DVD   15 listed $13 - $73 View All
Collection Including Following Full Albums  Caliban Collection Including Following Full Albums CD   1 listed $10  Details 
Dystopia  Caliban Dystopia CD, LP   9 listed $19 - $63 View All
Elements  Caliban Elements LP, 2LP, CD   13 listed $9 - $300 View All
Ghost Empire  Caliban Ghost Empire CD DVD, LP   2 listed $19 - $31 View All
Gravity  Caliban Gravity CD, LP   6 listed $6 - $60 View All
I Am Nemesis  Caliban I Am Nemesis LP, CD, 2CD   3 listed $13 - $31 View All
Insane Mentality  Caliban Insane Mentality LP, CD   6 listed $15 - $32 View All
Life Is Too Short  Caliban Life Is Too Short CD Single   2 listed $3 View All
Live At The Last Night Of The Cavern 1973  Caliban Live At The Last Night Of The Cavern 1973 CD, LP   8 listed $15 - $32 View All
Logo Buckle  Caliban Logo Buckle Memorabilia   1 listed $19  Details 
The Opposite From Within  Caliban The Opposite From Within Sticker, CD   6 listed $1 - $35 View All
Promo Sweat Band  Caliban Promo Sweat Band Memorabilia   1 listed $5  Details 
Say Hello To Tragedy  Caliban Say Hello To Tragedy CD, LP   5 listed $6 - $36 View All
  Caliban Shadow Hearts CD   2 listed $6 - $60 View All
The Undying Darkness  Caliban The Undying Darkness CD   6 listed $4 - $35 View All
  Caliban Vent CD   2 listed $12 - $35 View All
Zeitgeister  Caliban Zeitgeister LP, CD   11 listed $20 - $63 View All
  Caliban Vs Heaven Shall Burn The Split Program II CD   2 listed $35 - $60 View All
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