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An artist by nature, Billain initially started in sketch and paint. He was influenced by the movies of Stanley Kubrick, David Cronenberg, and John Carpenter, and various anime like Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira, and science fiction and scientific thought in general, as well as from living through the unimaginable reality of the darkness brought by war in his home city of Sarajevo. Not satisfied with his ability to express through these mediums, in 97-98 Billain turned towards music production to further express the complex ideas and visions forming inside his head. He schooled himself in the techniques and theories of music production which led him to techno music, exploring a variety of sources including Iannis Xenakis, Stockhausen, Aphex Twin, The Prodigy and some early Metalheadz releases. After producing approximately 300 minimal techno tracks and playing live DJ sets, again Billain was unsatisfied... techno was just too simple for him. Listening to Ed Rush & Optical's legendary 'Wormhole' album, Billain found himself at a turning point into a world of techno-influenced drum and bass.... In 2000 Billain became part of the Sarajevo drum and bass collective known as 'Kontra'. The collective was instrumental in bringing some of the finest artists in drum...  Read More

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Batbots  Billain Batbots 12", 2X 12"   2 listed $82 - $108 View All
Colossus  Billain Colossus 2X 12"   1 listed $21  Details 
Probes  Billain Probes 12"   1 listed $81  Details 
Total Darkness  Billain Total Darkness 12"   1 listed $140  Details 
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