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Addvibe started out as one of the many offsprings of Paul Sørli's Thang Family originating from the "arctic" city of Tromsø, also called the Paris of the North. After a few of Pauls releases on various labels and a compilation of Dusty n Dirty Thangs in 1998, TC and Tor Egil joined Addvibe and two years later they had released the Luv & Happiness album on DFR thanks n' respect to The Idjut Boys, Dan & Conrad. Addvibe's work have brought them rave reviews from a wide range of DJs and producers like Harvey, Tom Middleton, Lars Behrenroth, Monte la Rue, Laurent Garnier and Mark Gorbulew. The track Brothers even got to be remixed by the masters of NY house Mateo & Matos. After the release they moved to different parts of Norway, but all 3 members is active in the music scene. Tor Egil is working as a professional musician being a classical trained piano player and touring Norway with different musical projects and artists. Tc released a norwegian hiphop album in 2004 and, Pål, aka Dj Addvibe, is the one of the meanest funk Dj's you've ever heard and if he don't get u on the floor, nothing will... After a long hiatus, Pål Sørli resurrect the project only under his own name with new material and fresh and established live musicians in 2015. Kicking of with "Return Of The Vibe E.P on Cyberjamz.

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Brothers  Addvibe Brothers 12"   1 listed $11  Details 
  Addvibe Feels So Good 2nite 12"   2 listed $3 - $9 View All
Groove With U  Addvibe Groove With U 12"   1 listed $3  Details 
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