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abdullah ibrahim
When Duke Ellington sings your praises, people listen. Originally known as Dollar Brand, South African born Abdullah Ibrahim was discovered in Zurich by the Duke in 1963. Ibrahim grew up in Cape Town where native hymns were played alongside American Gospel and jazz. Ellington?Æs music struck Ibrahim even as a child and it had a big impact on his own style. Like Duke and Thelonious Monk, Ibrahim?Æs music is complex even at its simplest. Ibrahim moved to New York and spent the latter half of the '60s working with cutting edge jazz innovators. In 1968, he converted to Islam and the effect on his music was immediate. Since that time the African influence on his small and large groups has been enormous. His playing became unique in the world of jazz and African music. With the end of Apartheid, Abdullah Ibrahim is now free to travel between North America, Europe, and South Africa. His music has never known such borders.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
African Symphony  Abdullah Ibrahim African Symphony CD   8 listed $7 - $31 View All
Ancient Africa  Abdullah Ibrahim Ancient Africa CD   4 listed $10 - $41 View All
Balance  Abdullah Ibrahim Balance CD, LP   7 listed $16 - $64 View All
  Abdullah Ibrahim Banyana CD   1 listed $11  Details 
Bombella  Abdullah Ibrahim Bombella CD   5 listed $8 - $44 View All
Cape Town Songs The Very Best Of  Abdullah Ibrahim Cape Town Songs The Very Best Of CD   4 listed $11 - $30 View All
Celebration  Abdullah Ibrahim Celebration CD   1 listed $56  Details 
Desert Flowers  Abdullah Ibrahim Desert Flowers CD   1 listed $13  Details 
  Abdullah Ibrahim Dollar Band LP, CD   2 listed $14 - $16 View All
Dream Time  Abdullah Ibrahim Dream Time LP   2 listed $28 - $29 View All
Ekapa Lodumo  Abdullah Ibrahim Ekapa Lodumo CD   1 listed $34  Details 
Fats Duke And The Monk  Abdullah Ibrahim Fats Duke And The Monk CD   1 listed $12  Details 
  Abdullah Ibrahim Ibrahim,abdullah DVD   27 listed $32 - $66 View All
The Journey  Abdullah Ibrahim The Journey CD, LP   4 listed $30 - $44 View All
Knysna Blue  Abdullah Ibrahim Knysna Blue CD   5 listed $4 - $52 View All
  Abdullah Ibrahim Mantra Mode CD   1 listed $14  Details 
Matsidiso  Abdullah Ibrahim Matsidiso LP   1 listed $21  Details 
  Abdullah Ibrahim Memories CD   1 listed $11  Details 
Mukashi  Abdullah Ibrahim Mukashi CD   6 listed $15 - $45 View All
No Fear, No Die  Abdullah Ibrahim No Fear, No Die CD   2 listed $31 - $73 View All
  Abdullah Ibrahim Piano Solo CD   1 listed $17  Details 
Senzo  Abdullah Ibrahim Senzo CD   6 listed $15 - $42 View All
Solotude  Abdullah Ibrahim Solotude LP, CD   4 listed $19 - $40 View All
The Song Is My Story  Abdullah Ibrahim The Song Is My Story CD DVD, CD, LP   9 listed $13 - $53 View All
South African Ambassador  Abdullah Ibrahim South African Ambassador CD   3 listed $16 - $49 View All
Tintinyana  Abdullah Ibrahim Tintinyana CD   2 listed $4 - $10 View All
Water From An Ancient Well  Abdullah Ibrahim Water From An Ancient Well CD   5 listed $20 - $69 View All
Yarona  Abdullah Ibrahim Yarona CD   1 listed $36  Details 
The Mountain  Abdullah Ibrahim & Ekaya The Mountain CD, LP   3 listed $15 - $21 View All
Autobiography  Abdullah Ibrahim / Dollar Brand Autobiography CD, 2LP, LP   4 listed $22 - $63 View All
Mindif  Abdullah Ibrahim / Dollar Brand Mindif CD, LP   3 listed $8 - $53 View All
Echoes From Africa  Abdullah Ibrahim/ekaya Echoes From Africa LP   1 listed $27  Details 
Sotho Blue  Ibrahim, abdullah / Ekaya Sotho Blue CD   4 listed $15 - $27 View All
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