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  Artist  Title  Format  Information  Label  Price USD     
 Adam Newman Killed LP 
Unplayed, Direct From The Label. Red Vinyl 
Stand Up Records $19.99 Info  Buy 
 Ari Shaffir Revenge for the Holocaust LP 
New And Unplayed, Direct From The Label. Includes Download Card. 
Stand Up Records $19.99 Info  Buy 
 Barton, Joan Low Lights and Laughs LP 
Mono; Splits On Seams; Tears On Jacket 
Warner Bros. $18.99 Info  Buy 
 Berman, Shelley Sex Life of the Primate ADVANCE COPY LP 
Your Personal Copy Purple Cover, No Liner Notes, Rare 
Verve $16.99 Info  Buy 
 Borge, Victor Borge's Back LP 
Mono; Slight Front Wear; Initials Written On Back 
MGM $9.99 Info  Buy 
 Bruce, Lenny Carnegie Hall 3LP 
Cut Corner, Ring Wear, Tri-fold Cover / No Poster 
United Artists $7.99 Info  Buy 
 Cheech Y Chong Los Cochinos LP 
Die-cut Sleeve In Strong Vg+ Condition With Minor Ring Wear Front 
Ode Records (2) $9.99 Info  Buy 
 Dahl, Steve + Teenage Radiation Do you Think I'm Disco / Coho Lip Blues 7" 
Pic Sleeve 
Ovation $5.99 Info  Buy 
 Dale Menten & The Live Bait Band Somethin' Fishy LP 
Vinyl And Sleeve Are A Strong Vg+ (excellent); 
Weekend Records (9) $11.99 Info  Buy 
 Dana Gould Funhouse LP 
New And Unplayed 
Stand Up! $19.99 Info  Buy 
 Dana Gould I Know It's Wrong LP 
Unplayed, Direct From The Label. 
Stand Up Records $19.99 Info  Buy 
 Dana Gould Let Me Put My Thoughts In You LP 
New Copy Never Played 
Stand Up Records $19.99 Info  Buy 
 Dana, Bill Jose Jimenez/Our Secret Weapon LP 
Kapp $11.99 Info  Buy 
 Dangerfield, Rodney No Respect LP 
Still In Shrink; Parental Warning Sticker-front 
Casablanca $6.99 Info  Buy 
 Danny Lobell Some Kind Of Comedian LP 
Unplayed, Direct From The Label. 
Stand Up Records $24.99 Info  Buy 
 David Cross It's Not Funny LP 
New And Unplayed 
Stand Up! $19.99 Info  Buy 
 Derek Sheen Tiny Idiot LP 
Unplayed, Direct From The Label. Yellow Vinyl 
Stand Up Records $19.99 Info  Buy 
 Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre Born To Be Tiled LP 
Cut Corner, 2x Sticker Front 
Rounder $9.99 Info  Buy 
 Eddie Pepitone A Great Stillness LP 
New And Unplayed 
Stand Up! $19.99 Info  Buy 
 Firesign Theatre Back From The Shadows DVD 
56 Min Documentary About Their Reunion + 98 Min Surround Audio Of Their 25th Anniv Reunion Show + In... 
Whirlwind $8.99 Info  Buy 
 Firesign Theatre Everything You Know Is Wrong LP 
Columbia $8.99 Info  Buy 
 Flanders & Swann At The Drop Of A Hat LP 
Sealed. Thus, Unable To Determine Exact Version. 
Angel Records $9.99 Info  Buy 
 Flanders & Swann At The Drop of Another Hat LP 
Mono / Sleeve Is Immaculate / Disc Has Only Very Light Visible Wear / 14 Track 
Parlophone $7.99 Info  Buy 
 Fletcher, Bud More of Bud Fletcher and Cyprienne Robespierre LP 
Mono; Splits On Seams-bottom Taped; Small Writing-back 
La Louisianne $8.99 Info  Buy 
 Flip Wilson You Devil You LP 
Sealed; No Cut-out Marks 
Atlantic $6.99 Info  Buy 
 Green, Bernie Musically Mad LP 
Aftred E Neuman What Me Worry Cover Art 
RCA Victor $17.99 Info  Buy 
 Gregory, Dick Best Of 3LP 
Small Cut Mark Bottom Edge 
Tomato $10.99 Info  Buy 
 Hannibal Buress Animal Furnace LP 
Sealed, Gray Vinyl 
Stand Up Records $23.99 Info  Buy 
 Hofi Géza Ma¡sodik Menet LP 
Vinyl And Sleeve Are A Strong Vg+ (excellent); 
Pepita $19.99 Info  Buy 
 J T Habersaat Hostile Corporate Takeover LP 
New And Unplayed / Cover Art Raymond Pettibon 
Stand Up! $19.99 Info  Buy 
 Jackson, James, Wesley Souled Out LP 
Still In Shrink; Hole Punch; Comedian 
Plum $22.99 Info  Buy 
 Jj Whitehead Fool Disclosure LP 
Unplayed, Direct From The Label. Red Vinyl 
Stand Up Records $19.99 Info  Buy 
 Katz, Mickey Borscht Jester LP 
Disc Is Excellent / Cvr Slightly Yellowed, 1 Inch Minor Split Top Middle 
Capitol $11.99 Info  Buy 
 Laurel & Hardy Naturally High LP 
Psychedelic Cover / Company Inner Sleeve 
Douglas $7.99 Info  Buy 
 Lehrer, Tom An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer LP 
Still Sealed; Stereo; Recorded In 1959 
Reprise $18.99 Info  Buy 
 Lewis Black Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center Blues LP 
Stand Up Records $19.99 Info  Buy 
 Lewis Black Rules of Enragement LP 
New And Unplayed 
Stand Up! $19.99 Info  Buy 
 Lewis, Joe E. It is Now Post Time LP 
Mono; Splits On Seams-both Taped; Stain & Tear On Bottom 
Reprise $17.99 Info  Buy 
 Lord Buckley Blowing His Mind (And Yours Too) LP 
Vinyl A Strong Vg+ (excellent); Audition Record Printed On Label; Previous Owner's Name Printed Top... 
World Pacific $12.99 Info  Buy 
 Mabley, Moms At Geneva Conference LP 
Mold Stain Back 
Chess $6.99 Info  Buy 
 Mabley, Moms & Pigmeat Markham Best of Moms and Pigmeat LP 
Still In Shrink / Blue Label 
Chess $20.99 Info  Buy 
 Mike Stanley Shiner LP 
Unplayed, Direct From The Label. Limited Edition On Blue Vinyl. 
Stand Up Records $24.99 Info  Buy 
 Monty Python Contractual Obligation Album LP 
Custom Printed Inner Sleeve; Still In Shrink W/ Custom Printed Sticker-front; Multiple Newspaper & M... 
Arista $9.99 Info  Buy 
 Monty Python Live at City Center LP 
Recorded April, 1976; Typed Tracklisting Sticker-back; Multiple Press Clippings Inside 
Arista $9.99 Info  Buy 
 Nash, Ogden Everybody Knows the Trouble I've Seen LP 
Mono; Later Red Label; Stamped 1s/3s; Slight Spine & Top Wear 
RCA Victor Red Seal $24.99 Info  Buy 
 National Lampoon Greatest Hits LP 
Drilled Jacket 
Visa $10.99 Info  Buy 
 Patton Oswalt Feelin' Kinda Patton LP 
New And Unplayed, Blue Vinyl 
Stand Up! $19.99 Info  Buy 
 Proctor & Bergman What This Country Needs LP 
White Label Promo; Promo Sticker-front; Cut Corner; Slight Top Wear; Firesign Theatre Guys 
Columbia $13.99 Info  Buy 
 Redd Foxx Adults Only LP 
Dooto Records $6.99 Info  Buy 
Cabaret $8.99 Info  Buy 

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