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 Alarm Raw (Edit) Cassette 
UK I.R.S. Records  ALARM C3 M/M Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
 Alarm Standards Cassette 
UK I.R.S. Records  EIRSAC 1043 M/M Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
 Alarm Unsafe Building Year 1990 Cassette 
UK I.R.S. Records  ALARM C2 M/M Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
 Bluetones Keep The Home Fires Burning Cassette 
UK A&M  BLUEM012562626-4 M/NM Rock And Pop £2.00 Info  Buy 
 C.j. Lewis Dollars (Radio Mix b/w Dollars (Leo's Smooth Mix)) Cassette 
Cassette Single - Card Slip Case 
UK Black Market International  BMIC 023 EX/EX Reggae £2.00 Info  Buy 
Circus Of Power - Magic & MadnessCircus Of Power Magic & Madness Cassette 
Case Not Graded But Is Clean Without Any Cracks 
EUROPE Columbia   472170 4 M/NM Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
 Dare Blood From Stone Cassette 
White Label Promo - No Album Title Given - Track Listing Printed On Front Of A&m J-card - Fronted By Thin Lizzy Keyboard Player Darren Wharton... 
UK A&M Records   M/M Rock And Pop £12.00 Info  Buy 
Erasure - ChorusErasure Chorus Cassette 
USA Sire  4-40123 M/M Rock And Pop £6.00 Info  Buy 
Erasure - Drama!Erasure Drama! Cassette 
With Outer Case Slip Case 
UK Mute  C MUTE 89 M/M/NEX Rock And Pop £7.00 Info  Buy 
Erasure - Run To The SunErasure Run To The Sun Cassette 
UK Mute  C MUTE 153 M/M Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
Erasure - StarErasure Star Cassette 
With Outer Case Slip Case 
UK Mute  C MUTE 111 M/M/VG Rock And Pop £6.00 Info  Buy 
Erasure - You Surround MeErasure You Surround Me Cassette 
With Outer Case Slip Case 
UK Mute  C MUTE 99 M/M/VG+ Rock And Pop £6.00 Info  Buy 
 Excess Energy Dance Sensation Cassette 
UK Chevron  CHV 274 M/M Cover Version £4.00 Info  Buy 
Fleetwood Mac - Tango In The NightFleetwood Mac Tango In The Night Cassette 
Case Not Graded But Is Clean Without Any Cracks 
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Thomsun Original  EN-1525 NM/NM Rock And Pop £10.00 Info  Buy 
 Harry Stoneham I Feel Good, I Feel Funky Cassette 
UK EMI  TC-EXE 210 EX/EX Easy Listening £5.00 Info  Buy 
 John Windemere Orch & Singers Up, Up And Away Cassette 
UK Chevron  CHV 025 M/M Cover Version £4.00 Info  Buy 
K7 - Come Baby Come / I'll Make You Feel GoodK7 Come Baby Come / I'll Make You Feel Good Cassette 
Cassette single 
UK Big Life  BLRC 105 NM/NM Hip Hop £3.00 Info  Buy 
 L.a. Sounds Salute To Paul McCartney Cassette 
UK Chevron  CHV 289 M/M Cover Version £4.00 Info  Buy 
 Larry Summers The Hits Of Barry Manilow Cassette 
UK Chevron  CHV 235 M/M Cover Version £4.00 Info  Buy 
 Morrissey Glamorous Glue Cassette 
Various Artists Vox Elite 2 Class Of ' 92 
UK VOX  GIVIT 6 M/M Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
Morrissey - November Spawned A MonsterMorrissey November Spawned A Monster Cassette 
UK HMV  TC POP 1623 M/EX Rock And Pop £6.00 Info  Buy 
Morrissey - Pregnant For The Last TimeMorrissey Pregnant For The Last Time Cassette 
UK HMV  TC POP 1627 M/M Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 
 Paul Mccartney & Wings Band On The Run Cassette 
White Paper Label, Black Cassette Shell - Case Not Graded But Is Clean Without Any Cracks 
UK Apple Records  TC-PAS 10007, OC 244 EX++/EX++ Rock And Pop £10.00 Info  Buy 
 Pulp Something Changed Cassette 
UK Island  CIS 632/854 596-4 M/M Rock And Pop £4.00 Info  Buy 
 Richard Ashcroft A Song For Lovers Cassette 
UK Hut  HUTC 128 M/M Rock And Pop £2.00 Info  Buy 
 Rolling Stones Metamorphosis Cassette 
Case Not Graded But Is Clean Without Any Cracks 
GERMANY Decca  4.22277 CP EX++/EX++ Rock And Pop £15.00 Info  Buy 
 Shinhead Let 'Em In /V Cassette 
Cassette single 
EUROPE Elektra  EKR168C NM/NM Hip Hop £3.00 Info  Buy 
 Soul Express Inc Beat It - A Tribute To Michael Jackson Cassette 
UK Chevron  CHV 277 M/M Cover Version £4.00 Info  Buy 
 Sounds Of The Seventies Sounds Of The Seventies Salute Abba Cassette 
A Little Creasing To Sleeve On Corner 
UK 5th Ave  1037 VG+/VG+ Cover Version £2.00 Info  Buy 
 Tony Webb Congratulations To Cliff Richard - Sung By Tony Webb Cassette 
UK Oak  122 M/M Cover Version £3.00 Info  Buy 
 Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sanson Mi Kala - Live In Concert Cassette 
Urdu - Vol 69 - Case Not Graded But Is Clean Without Any Cracks 
UK Star Cassette  SC 2419 NM/NM Rock And Pop £15.00 Info  Buy 
 Van Morrison & the Chieftains Irish Heartbeat Cassette 
Case Not Graded But Is Clean Without Any Cracks 
EUROPE Mercury  MERHC 124 / 834 496- NM/NM Rock And Pop £5.00 Info  Buy 

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