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 Ackerman, William Past Light (Japanese pressing) LP 
Original Japanese Pressing 1983, Obi And Insert Intact. Cover Has Some Water Damage In Lower Riight... 
Windham Hill M-;VG LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $16.10 Info  Buy 
 Ackerman, William The Search For The Turtle’s Navel LP 
1976 Original Press, Cover Has Partial Sticker 
Windham Hill VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Ar Bras, Dan Acoustic LP 
Original Usa Pressing 1985, Very Nice Copy. French Guitarist And Singer, Fans Of Michael Hedges, Ste... 
Green Linnet M- LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Bearns, Robert & Ron Dexter Golden Voyage Experience LP 
1977 Original Press, Partial Sticker On Cover 
Awakening Productions M-;VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Beaver & Krause In A Wild Sanctuary LP 
1970, Burbank Label. Vinyl Has A Couple Of Light Scuffs; Cover Has Faint Ring Wear. 
Warner Bros VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Benko, Laszlo Lexikon 2 LP 
1984 Original Press, Strong Vg+ Vinyl, cover Has Minor General Wear, Corner Creasing 
Start VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $13.80 Info  Buy 
 Borden, David / Mother Mallard Migration LP 
1988 Original Press, Insert, Cover Has Minor Wear, Some Creasing 
Cuneiform M-;VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $20.70 Info  Buy 
 Cahen, Faton Piano Reves LP 
1986 Original Press, Beautiful Copy! 
Cryonic M- LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $25.30 Info  Buy 
 Caldera A Moog Mass LP 
Original Stereo Press, Moog, Vinyl Has Some Scuffs, Cover Has Tape Repair On Two Corners 
Kama Sutra VG LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $28.75 Info  Buy 
 Carlos, Walter Switched On Bach LP 
1968 Original 360 Label Stereo Pressingm Moog Goes Classical In This Famous Lp. 
Columbia Masterworks VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Carlos, Wendy Digital Moonscapes LP 
Original Pressing, Gatefold Sleeve, Nice Copy! Formerly Known As Walter Carlos. 
CBS Masterworks M- LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Ciani, Suzanne Velocity Of Love, The LP 
Original Pressing In Rcas Skylark Series, Electronic Compositions, Co. Vinyl Is Very Clean And Quiet... 
RCA Red Seal M-;VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Computer Music Works By Randall, Vercoe, Dodge LP 
Original Press, Vinyl Has Some Minor Wear, Cover Has Partial Sticker, Name Written On Front 
Nonesuch VG+;VG LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $13.80 Info  Buy 
 Coughlin, Stephen Song Of The Reed LP 
Original Pressing 1983, New Age Flute Music. Cover Has A Corner Bend. 
Fortuna M-;VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Eno, Roger Voices (Japanese pressing) LP 
1985 Original Press, Strong Vg+ Vinyl, Obi, Insert, Cover Has Minor Wear, Cut Corner 
Polydor VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $23.00 Info  Buy 
 Froese, Edgar Aqua - USA pressing LP 
Usa Pressing 1974, Gatefold Cover. Vinyl Is A Strong Vg+ With A Couple Of Faint Scuffs; Cover Has Li... 
Virgin VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Gleason, Michael Voices From The Old World LP 
Original Pressing 1986, Dh. Vinyl Very Nice; A Couple Of Light Creases On Cover. 
Kerygma M-;VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $10.35 Info  Buy 
 Halpern, Steve & Georgia Kelly Ancient Echoes LP 
Original Pressing 1978, Vinyl Is Very Nice; Cover Has Light Surface Wear. Insert Included. 
Heru M-;VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $6.90 Info  Buy 
 Halpern, Steven Comfort Zone LP 
1980 Original Pressing, Vinyl Has Minor Scuffs, Partial Sticker On Cover 
Halpern VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Halpern, Steven Zodiac Suite LP 
1977 Original Pressing, Vinyl Has Minor Scuffs, Partial Sticker On Cover 
Halpern VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Harrison, Lou / Robert Hughes Elegiac Symphony - Cadences LP 
1977 Original Press, Partial Sticker On Cover 
Arch M-;VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Heldon A Dream Without Reason LP 
1977 Original Press, Cover Has Cut Corner 
Inner City SS LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $46.00 Info  Buy 
 Hoppe, Michael With Louise Di Tullo & Lou Anne Quiet Storms LP 
Original Pressing 1988, Co. Vinyl Is A Strong Vg+ With One Tiny Mark On One Side; Cover Has Light Su... 
Gaia VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Horn, Paul & David Friesen Heart To Heart LP 
Original Canadian Pressing 1983. Bass And Flute.vinyl Has A Few Minor Scuffs, Sleeve Has Very Minor... 
Golden Flute VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $6.90 Info  Buy 
 Hwong, Lucia Secret Luminescence LP 
Original Usa Pressing 1987. Cover Has A Minor Corner Bend. 
Private Music M-;VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Ito, Akira Akira Ito LP 
1979 Original Japan Press, Strong Vg+ With A Minor Warp, Obi And Insert, Cover Has Minor Wear, Some... 
King VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $28.75 Info  Buy 
 Jarre, Jean Michel Equinoxe LP 
Original French Pressing 1978, Cover Has Minor Creasing 
Dreyfus M- LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Kindler, Steve & Teja Bell Dolphin Smiles LP 
Original Pressing 1987, Gold Stamped Promo. Vinyl Very Nice; Cover Has Light Surface Wear, Sticker T... 
Global Pacific M-;VG LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Kitaro Silk Road II (Japanese pressing) LP 
1980 Original Japan Press, Obi, Inserts, Clean Cover Has Cut Corner 
Canyon M-;VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $28.75 Info  Buy 
 Krause, Bernie Citadels Of Mystery LP 
1979 Original Mfsl Press, Strong Vg+ Vinyl, Cover Has General Wear, Partial Price Sticker On Front 
Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs VG+;VG LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $11.50 Info  Buy 
Kruger,Klaus - One Is OneKruger, Klaus One Is One LP 
1981 Original Press, Cover Has Minor Wear, Creasing, A Very Nice Copy! 
Innovative Communication M-;VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $46.00 Info  Buy 
 Lanz, David & Paul Speer Natural States LP 
Original Pressing 1985, Very Nice Copy. 
Narada Equinox M- LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Larkin O’cean LP 
Original German Pressing 1984, Ph. Cover Has A Small Tear On Right Side, Minor Corner Wear, Very Nic... 
Narada M-;VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire 4 LP 
1981 Original Pressing, Gatefold, Insert 
American Gramaphone M- LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire V LP 
Original Pressing, Gatefold Cover. Vinyl Is Clean, Cover Is A Strong Vg+ With Very Minor Surface Wea... 
American Gramaphone M-;VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Martin, Juan Painter In Sound LP 
1986, Nice Copy. Features Mark Isham. 
Novus M- LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Moraz, Patrick Out In The Sun LP 
1977, Dh, Some Cover Creasing, Missing/torn Shrinkwrap 
Import SS LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Murphy, Jac Child’s Gift LP 
1977 Original Press, Cover Has Minor Creasing 
Music Is Medicine SS LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Murphy, Jac Childs Gift LP 
Original Pressing 1977, Cc. Vinyl Very Nice; Cover Has A Small Sticker Stain. 
Music Is Medicine M-;VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Newton, James Echo Canyon (German pressing) LP 
Original German Dmm Pressing 1984. Very Nice Copy. Flute, Bass Flute And Bolivian Woodflute. 
Celestial Harmonies M- LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Ponder, Sanford Etosha- Private Music Of The Land LP 
Original Pressing Extremely Nice Copy! 
Private M- LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Qualey, David Soliloquy LP 
1980 Original Press, Cover Has Creasing 
Windham Hill M- LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Schmoelling, Johannes Wuivend Riet LP 
1986 Original German Press, Strong Vg+ Vinyl, Cover Has Minor General Wear 
Erdenklang VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Schmoelling, Johannes Wuivend Riet - USA pressing LP 
Original Usa Pressing 1986, Solo Lp By Tangerine Dream Member. Vinyl Is Very Clean; Cover Has A Prom... 
Life Style M-;VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Schoener, Eberhard Events (German pressing) LP 
1980 Original Press, Strong Vg+ Vinyl, Gatefold Cover Has General Wear, Creasing 
Harvest VG+;VG LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Schoener, Eberhard Trance Formation (German original) LP 
1977 Original Press, Strong Vg+ Vinyl, Gatefold Cover Has Minor General Wear 
Harvest VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Schulze, Klaus Angst soundtrack LP 
German 2nd Press, Cover Has Minor General Wear, Creasing On One Corner 
Inteam M-;VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $28.75 Info  Buy 
 Schulze, Klaus Blackdance LP 
1974 Original Press, Strong Vg+ Vinyl, Gatefold Cover Has Minor General Wear, Some Creasing 
Virgin/Caroline VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Schulze, Klaus Body Love LP 
1977 Original Us Press, Strong Vg+ Vinyl, Sticker On Label, Cover Has Partial Sticker, Small Area Of... 
Island VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Schulze, Klaus Dig It LP 
1980 Original Press, Vinyl Has Some Light Scuffs, Cover Has Minor General Wear 
Ricordi International VG+ LPs-Progressive Electronic/New Age/New/U $11.50 Info  Buy 

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