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 1st Brigade Band Making History Live Vol. 2 LP 
Military Band Music 
Heritage Military Music SS LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $17.25 Info  Buy 
 1st Brigade Band Music For The President LP 
Actual Arrangements Of Music Played For President Lincoln, Gatefold 
Heritage Military Music SS LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $17.25 Info  Buy 
 American Legion Band Of Hollywood, California Sousa Marches 10” 10" 
1949 Original Press 
Decca VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $8.05 Info  Buy 
Astrology LP - Listen To Your Stars - An Astrological Guide To Your HoroscopeAstrology Lp Listen To Your Stars - An Astrological Guide To Your Horoscope LP 
Original Pressing 1969, Very Nice Copy. An Audio Astrological Guide To Your Horoscope. 
Camden M- LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $34.50 Info  Buy 
Astrology Record - Signs Of The Zodiac - GeminiAstrology Record Signs Of The Zodiac - Gemini LP 
Original Pressing In Unipak Gatefold Sleeve. Vinyl Has A Few Light Scuffs; Cover Has Light Surface A... 
A&M VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $40.25 Info  Buy 
 Borror, Donald J. Common Bird Songs LP 
Original Pressing 1967, Extensive Booklet Guide Included. Field Recordings Of Bird Songs From The Ea... 
Dover VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Bristol, Dr. Lee H. Applied Imagination 2LP 
Based On The Book By Alex Osborn, Learn How To Develop Your Creative Power, A Sample Goldmine! Gatef... 
Success Motivation M-;VG LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Brower, Cecil & His Square Dance Fiddlers America’s Favorite Square Dances LP 
Original White Label Promo Press, Partial Sticker On Cover 
Smash VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Dacey, Norman How To Avoid Probate LP 
Original Pressing, White Label Promo, Vinyl Very Nice. Cover Has Light Surface Wear. 
Philips M-;VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Eastholm, Lars & Ralph Harding Sound Effects Volume Eight: Trains LP 
Original Pressing, Vinyl Very Clean. Cover Has Light Surface Wear. 
Total Recording Co. M-;VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Environmental Recording Rail Dynamics 10" 
1952 Original Press, Various Train Sounds 
Cooks M-;VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $23.00 Info  Buy 
 Fields, W.c. & Mae West W.C. Fields and Mae West LP 
Original Pressing; One Side Is Fields Only Recording, The Other Is 8 Songs By Mae West. Vinyl Very... 
American Album and Tapes M-;VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Finsterwald, Dow 10 Ways To Take Strokes Off Your Game LP 
Original Pressing Of Instructional Lp From 1967, With Tips From Many Of The Top Pro Golfers Of The D... 
Munsingwear VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Foort, Reginald Percussion and Pedal Vol. III 10" 
Original Mono Pressing, No Insert. Vinyl Has A Couple Of Light Scuffs; Cover Has Light Surface Wear.... 
Cook VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Goldman Band Forward March 10" 
Original Pressing, Marching Band Ep. Vinyl Has A Few Visible Scuffs; Cover Has Moderate Wear And A... 
Columbia VG LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Gomez, Vicente Versatile Guitar Of LP 
Decca SS LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Granny & Jim Sing LP 
Philips M- LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $10.35 Info  Buy 
 Hagan, Bald Bill & His Trocaderons Music To Strip By LP 
Original Pressing. Vinyl Has A Few Scuffs, Sleeve Has Light Surface And Edge Wear. 
Somerset VG;VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Hamilton, William With Barry Oslander Sound Effects Volume 6 LP 
Original Stereo Pressing, Vinyl Very Nice. Cover Has Light Wear. 
Audio Fideliy M-;VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Instructional Record Learn Code With The Ameco Code Course LP 
Original Pressing Of Morse Code Instructional Lp. Great For Sampling. Vinyl Is Very Clean; Cover Has... 
Ameco M-;VG LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Instructional Record Slovak Language For Beginners LP 
Original Pressing 1959, Booklet Included. Vinyl Is A Strong Vg+ With A Couple Of Tiny Marks; Cover H... 
Apon VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Jamaica Military Band In Concert LP 
Original Press, Vinyl Has Some Minor Scuffs, Gatefold Has Water Damage Along Bottom Area Of Cover (n... 
Dynamic VG+;VG LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Kronenberger, Arnie Stereo Goes Square Dancing LP 
Original Gold Label Stereo Pressing. Both Vinyl And Cover Are A Strong Vg+ With Only Minor Signs Of... 
Warner Bros VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $13.80 Info  Buy 
 Kubalek, Antonin Other Sides Of Sousa LP 
1975 Original Press, Minor Corner Denting, Sousa Compositions Transcribed For Piano 
Antilles SS LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Kubalek, Antonin Other Sides Of Sousa LP 
Usa Pressing 1975, Co. Nice Copy. Sousa Compositions Transcribed For Piano. 
Antilles M- LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $13.80 Info  Buy 
 Lavelle, Paul & The Band Of America Jubilee Marches LP 
Original Pressing, Small Woc. Vinyl Has A Fewlight Scuffs; Cover Has Moderate Surface And Edge Wear. 
RCA Custom VG+;VG LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Maddox, Johnny Worlds Greatest Piano Rolls Vol. 4 LP 
Original Pressing; Interesting Record Of Player Piano Rolls. Vinyl Is A Very Strong Vg+ With One Lig... 
Dot VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Malzt, Maxwell, M.d. Psycho-Cybernetics LP 
Based On The Book, Sample Goldmine! 
Success Motivation VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Marshall, Herbert Count Of Monte Cristo 10” 10" 
1950 Original Press, Looks Unplayed 
Decca VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $23.00 Info  Buy 
 Meyer, Paul J. How To Master Time Organization LP 
Learn How To Save Time! 
Success Motivation VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $11.50 Info  Buy 
Mickie Finn - Now Sound OfMickie Finn Now Sound Of LP 
Dunhill SS LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Miscellaneous Equalization Test Record LP 
Stereo Test Record, Gatefold, Partial Sticker On Cover 
Crown M-;VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $23.00 Info  Buy 
 Miscellaneous RCOA Stereo Systems Test Record LP 
Original Pressing Of Test Tone Lp, Great For Djs And Sound Artists As Well As Technicians. Vinyl Is... 
Yorkshire M-;VG LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Omarr, Sydney Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 LP 
Original Press, Cover Has Some Creasing 
Astro SS LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Omarr, Sydney Taurus LP 
Sydney Talks About Life, Love, Money And Health Of The Taurus Sign 
Astro SS LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Peterson Field Guide Field Guide To Bird Songs, A 2LP 
Original Pressing, Nice Gatefold Sleeve Bound With Faux-leather Spine Hinge. Vinyl Has A Couple Of L... 
Houghton Mifflin VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $12.65 Info  Buy 
 Pit Piano Silent Movie Hits From The Pit Piano LP 
Original Pressing, Very Nice Copy. Sound To Enhance The Drama Of 4 Reeler Movies. The Seduction Of L... 
Alshire M- LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Polyphon Musical Box Musical Box Treasury LP 
1985 Compilation Of Of Vintage Recordings, Partial Sticker On Cover 
Studio One VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Popular Science Hi-fi Test Record Testing LP 
Original Pressing Of Hi Fi Testing Lp, Tones And Sounds. Vinyl Has A Coupl Eof Light Scuffs; Sleeve... 
Urania VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Prudden, Bonnie Fit To Ski LP 
Dh, Minor Corner Wear, Comes With Instruction Booklet 
Warner Bros. SS LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Robison, Carson & His Pleasant Valley Boys Square Dance Calls LP 
Original Stereo Press, Partial Sticker On Cover 
Metro M-;VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $6.90 Info  Buy 
 Rylands, George / Various Artists Homage To Shakespeare LP 
Original Boxset, Anthology Of Readings And Music, With Peggy Ashcroft, Alan Bates, Etc. Box Has Hole... 
ARgo SS LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $34.50 Info  Buy 
 San Francisco Marching, Trotting & Walking Band Concert In The Park LP 
Original Press Red Vinyl, Looks Unplayed, Cover Has X In Marker On Back 
Fantasy M- LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $17.25 Info  Buy 
 San Francisco Marching, Trotting & Walking Band The Good Old Days LP 
Original Press Red Vinyl 
Fantasy VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Selections For Dj Programming Rodgers and Hammerstein Deluxe Set/Sinatra The Great Years 2LP 
Original Pressing Of Promo Only 2xlp For Radio Djs. Contains Selections From The Two Lps In Title. G... 
Capitol VG LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $13.80 Info  Buy 
 Simpson, Mike Jungle Odyssey LP 
Original Stereo Press, Gatefold, Music Mixed With African Animal Sounds, Cover Has Hole Punch, Parti... 
Evolution M-;VG+ LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $34.50 Info  Buy 
 Sophisticates Music Of An Era LP 
Minor Corner Wear 
Blue Heaven SS LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $8.05 Info  Buy 
Sports Related - Allstar Tips By Baseball’s Greatest PlayersSports Related Allstar Tips By Baseball’s Greatest Players LP 
Steady SS LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Sports Related Baseball’s Greatest Hits LP 
Baseball Themed Songs 
Rhino M;M- LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Steele, Jon & Sandra Meet The Steeles LP 
Camay SS LPs-Miscellaneous 1960\'s-Prior/New/Used/ $11.50 Info  Buy 

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