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 E.t.a. No Faith CD. CD 
$14.04 Info  Buy 
 Ed Ware's Tree S/T CD. CD 
$10.26 Info  Buy 
 Eerie Ln. Voodoo Music Box CD. CD 
Horror Biker/cos/misfits Influenced Metal Punk From Dallas. Double Bass And At Times Almost Sounding Like A Cross Between Late Coc And Rap-core.... 
$13.50 Info  Buy 
 Egghead. Dumb Songs For Smart People CD. CD 
You Like The Pop? Chew On This! This Is As Close As This Late Nyc Combo Ever Got To A Full-length. Takes 10 Songs From Previous Ep's And Adds 4 "new" Songs. Mutant Pop, 1999... 
$12.96 Info  Buy 
 Egon Disillusioned Leftist CD. CD 
$5.94 Info  Buy 
 El Secondhand Blood And Aphorisms 7" EP. 7" 
This Is The Same Secondhand That Was On The "hubcap Corner" Comp. Speedy, Florida Pop Punk. Recess Records Meets A Smoother Fat Wreck/face To Face Sound... 
$4.32 Info  Buy 
 El Vez 20th Century Boy B/W Taking Care of Business(In a Flash 5") 10" 
One Instrumental Backed With A Condensed Version Of The Bto Hit By El Vez The Pel Vez! Ex Zeros. 
$7.02 Info  Buy 
 El Vez Son Of A Lad From Spain? CD. CD 
"odds And Sods, Remixes And Versions...pieces Of My Past..." El Vez Is An Institution. Like The Notes On The Back Of The Cd Indicate This Is Varied Collection. Features His Takes On Bto, James Brown, And Bowie Tunes. Sympathy For The Record Indus... 
$14.58 Info  Buy 
 Elcka Nothing To Lose CD EP CD 
$4.86 Info  Buy 
 Electric Eye Electric Wisdom CD. CD 
$14.04 Info  Buy 
 Electric Frankenstein Listen Up, Baby! CD. CD 
$14.04 Info  Buy 
 Electric Frankenstein/hookers Split CD CD 
Two Solid Bands Rock Out Without Hesitation. 8 Songs By Each Band. Works Well With A 6 Pack. 
$14.04 Info  Buy 
 Elemae Sleeping With Adrenaline/Science Kit 7". 7" 
$4.32 Info  Buy 
 Elephant S/T 7" 7" 
$4.86 Info  Buy 
 Elison S/T CD. CD 
A Heavier Version Of D.c. Via Botch Without The Electronics. Nice Grooves And Production. Torture Victim Vocals. Pretty Damn Good Actually.... 
$14.58 Info  Buy 
 Emo'la Zlodzieje Rowerow CD. CD 
This Is Pretty Eclectic Political Punk Rock. It's Partly Modern Hardcore, And Then It Suddenly Plasts Into Fast Punk W/ Co-ed Vocals, Sort Of Like A Late Aus-rotten. Sung In Polish.... 
$8.10 Info  Buy 
 End Of The World S/T 7" EP. 7" 
Pretty Emoish Lyrics And Artwork For A Band That Owes More To Motorhead Than Still Life. California Punk Rock In 1998.... 
$4.32 Info  Buy 
 End Of The World S/T 7" no artwork, scratched 7" 
$2.16 Info  Buy 
 Endeavor Don't Die With Your Eyes Closed 1992-1998 CD. CD 
23 Tracks On This Enhanced Cd. Hey, That Quicktime Logo Is Outdated! Seems To Be Odds And Ends From One Of The Few Jersey Bands That Adam Wished He Would Have Seen. It Has A Bad Brains Cover(regulator)... 
$14.04 Info  Buy 
 Endless Struggle In the Day LP. LP 
$9.72 Info  Buy 
 Endless Struggle Leathers Studs and Punks 7". 7" 
$4.86 Info  Buy 
 Enemies Seize the Day CD. CD 
$14.58 Info  Buy 
 Enemies Seize the Day LP. LP 
$11.88 Info  Buy 
 Enemy Soil Ruins of Eden CD. CD 
This Band Is Rising For A Good Reason. They Rock Hard And Their Lyrics Are Cool Too. Virginia Notches The Bedpost Again With The Jawbone Of Their Enemies. Flowerpowerviolence.... 
$10.26 Info  Buy 
 Enkindel Some Assembly Required CD. CD 
11 Anthemic, Melodic Hardcore/rock Songs Ala Dag Nasty/avail. 1996. 
$16.20 Info  Buy 
 Entropy Kill the Messenger 7" EP. 7" 
Insane Robot Monkey Panic Driven Screeching. From Nh And Anti-hunting?! Okay, I Hope That They Still Shoot Bb Guns.... 
$5.40 Info  Buy 
 Erase Errata At Crystal Palace CD. CD 
$12.42 Info  Buy 
 Erase Errata The Dancing Machine(remixes CD EP.) CD 
$12.42 Info  Buy 
 Estel True Stories B/W Raymond Is Contagious 7". 7" 
Moody Sexy Intrumentals In The Young Marble Giants 80's Postpunk From This Irish Male/female Quartet. Superb Packaging With Goodies And A Mystery Envelope. What's Inside? Money?... 
$5.40 Info  Buy 
 Ester Drang Infinite Keys CD. CD 
$15.66 Info  Buy 
 Estrella 20/20 7" EP. 7" 
Fractured Garage Punk From Japan. Tim Kerr Guests On One Track. 3 Songs Total, Estrus 
$5.94 Info  Buy 
 Estrella 20/20 Afro Mexicana CD. CD 
Tom Doesn't Like The Music But Digs The Cover. Adam Argues That All Estrus Records Stuff Is Exactly The Same And This Is No Better Or Worse Than Anything Else They Do. Adam Likes It. Japanese Garage Core With Distorted Vocals.... 
$10.80 Info  Buy 
 Euclid The Wind Blew All The Fires Out CD. CD 
$14.58 Info  Buy 
 Euclid The Wind Blew All The Fires Out LP. LP 
$12.42 Info  Buy 
 Euphone Hashin' It Out CD. CD 
Chicago Instro On Jade Tree. 
$15.66 Info  Buy 
 Everready Festavus For the Restavus CD. CD 
4th Album From Calli Punk Poppers. They Even Got The Mass Giorgini Sound. Apparently They Like Beer.... 
$12.42 Info  Buy 
 Evolved To Obliteration S/T 7" EP. 7" 
Pre-spazz Max! Originally On Hemorage, Re-released By Clean Plate. Great Moody Heavy Hardcore. Fuck Yeah! Checkmate!... 
$4.86 Info  Buy 
 Explosion Flash, Flash, Flash CD. CD 
Kids From In My Eyes (oh Real Cool Name For A Sxe Band, Guys. Yeah.) Playing A Humpers/fitz Of Depression Rock Style Mixed With Gorilla Biscuits So I Guess They Sound Like Kid Dynamite Wearing Jean Jackets. I Liked It Though, It's Got Hooks.... 
$15.66 Info  Buy 

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