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1941 Home Recording



Format: EP
Condition: VG- PLAYRATED G (Media / Cover)    More Info
Label: Howard Radio Company Of Chicago
Country: Usa
Released: 1941
Genre: Home Recording, Radio
Num In Set: 1
Quantity: 1 in stock
Seller Ref:   DMu2906

This is a homemade 6 1/2” shellac record, recorded (10/4/1941 and 10/7/1941) at 33 1/3 RPM on a metal base Howard Home Recording Disc (from Howard Radio Company of Chicago). In addition to saying “Metal Base,” the label also says “Type 6C,” and “Slow Burning.” The blue and white label has space to fill in “Title,” “By,” and “Date.” Side A of this recording is music recorded off the radio, while side B has starts with some of the McPherson family of Bend, Oregon speaking while visiting the Cleftons of Portland. This side ends with a brief portion of Duke Ellington, recorded off of the radio.

A1: I don't Want To Set The World On Fire By Connie Boswell, 10/7/1941 (1:14)
A2: Flamingo By Duke Ellington, 10/7.1941 (0:46)
B1: Family Messages By The McPherson & Clefton Families, 10/4/1941 (1:18)
B2: Unknown By Duke Ellington, 10/4/1941 (0:37)

Condition: This record has a visual condition rated at VG- (Very Good Minus). The shellac is shiny and bright, but wit a few scratches on the surface and some mild scuffing. The blue and white paper labels have some scattered brown staining and some edge wear on side B. Side B has nothing written on it, and side A has the track information written in the appropriate places in pencil. The center hole is mostly still round, but with some wear to the paper on the edges.

Play-ability: Being a homemade record, recorded with a hand-held microphone, there is some muffling of the sound and a lot of things like volume changes, microphone touching noise, and jumping into sections or ending them abruptly. Side A jumps into the first track a little bit, is somewhat muffled throughout, and has background hiss and clicking that is about medium. There are a few loud “bumps” at the beginning of the first track. This side repeats between the two tracks, and the needle has to be pushed to get into the 2nd track, and this track ends abruptly. Play-ability for side A is G- (Good Minus). Side B is less muffled than side A, and the background hiss is mild. There is some ticking and louder popping noises as well. Side B has a play-ability of G+ (Good Plus). Overall play-ability for the record is G (Good).

Except for records that are still sealed, all our records are first cleaned by hand, and the 12” vinyl LP albums are further cleaned with a professional cleaning machine. After cleaning, all non-sealed records are played completely through and digitized onto our computer (the .WAV files are cleaned up using software). In our listings, we provide the standard VISUAL rating of the record, using the Goldmine rating system, but we also provide an accurate and conservative rating and description of the actual PLAY-ABILITY of the record, which will at least include whether the record plays through without skipping or repeating, and a description of the amount of background hiss, clicking noise, and louder popping noise. We may also mention other aspects of play-ability. Price is determined, at least in part, by the play-ability rating! We also provide generic replacements for any missing inner sleeves and/or album covers.

Please note: Digital WAV files with most of the play-ability problems cleaned up by software are available on request at no extra charge.

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