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Ben Alley


Many Happy Returns Of The Day



Format: 78
Condition: VG PLAYRATED G (Media / Cover)    More Info
Label: Perfect Records 12736
Country: Usa
Released: 7/2/1931
Genre: Pop, Vocal
Num In Set: 1
Quantity: 1 in stock
Seller Ref:   DMu2845

This is a 10” Shellac record, recorded at 78RPM, from Perfect Records, was recorded on 7/2/1931.   The release number is 12736, and the artist is Ben Alley.   The labels are maroon with gold lettering and graphics.   The genre is Pop and the style is Vocal.

A.   Many Happy Returns Of The Day (2:58)
B.   When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain (2:42)

The visual condition of this record is VG (Very Good).   The shellac is shiny and bright, with very little scuffing or surface scratching.   There is no edge crumbling to the shellac but there is a nick at the outer edge of side A which must be negotiated when putting the needle down.   The labels are textured, and both are clean and bright with no fading, markings, or scratches, but there does seem to be some wear in the gold lettering and graphics.   Both center holes are round with mild wear on both sides.

The background hiss and clicking noise on side A are about medium, with occasional ticking noise as well.   There were no louder popping noises, but there was general distortion (fuzziness) throughout.   This side is rated as G+ (Good Plus) for play-ability.   Side B started with moderate background hiss, but quickly reduced to about medium.   There are a lot of loud popping noises and ticking noises throughout as well.   There may have been some distortion.   This side is rated as G- (Good Minus), making the overall play-ability rating for this record G (Good).

Except for records that are still sealed, all our records are first cleaned by hand, and the 12” vinyl LP albums are further cleaned with a professional cleaning machine. After cleaning, all non-sealed records are played completely through and digitized onto our computer (the .WAV files are cleaned up using software). In our listings, we provide the standard VISUAL rating of the record, using the Goldmine rating system, but we also provide an accurate and conservative rating and description of the actual PLAY-ABILITY of the record, which will at least include whether the record plays through without skipping or repeating, and a description of the amount of background hiss, clicking noise, and louder popping noise. We may also mention other aspects of play-ability. Price is determined, at least in part, by the play-ability rating! We also provide generic replacements for any missing inner sleeves and/or album covers.

Please note: Digital WAV files with most of the play-ability problems cleaned up by software are available on request at no extra charge.

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AMany Happy Returns Of The Day = (Muchas Felicidades En Este Dia)
BWhen The Moon Comes Over The Mountain = (Cuando La Luna Asoma)

Note: Tracklist supplied by a 3rd party and matched by label ID. May differ from item being sold.