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Ed Ames


The Bean Song



Format: 7"+CDR
Condition: Click for Information
Label: RCA Victor 476791
Country: US
Released: 1956
Genre: Calypso
Seller Ref:   ni9770681

RCA Victor 47-6791 US 1956: This is an excellent vinyl 7" single that I will acquire through my network of record dealers.   I then create your new audiophile CD, and send record and CD to you!   Please allow 2-4 weeks for order processing.   The guiding principle on every transfer I do is to not distort the music in any way.   Since 2001, I have restored many thousands of records to CDs.   Much of my work has been for the artists themselves.   For example, Mr. Theodore Bikel described his custom CDs from cdBBQ as "lovely."   I confidently guarantee the quality of my service.

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A The Bean Song (Which Way To Boston)2:04
BI'd Give You The World (Ich Schenk Dir Den Mond)2:36