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Anonymous 4 Medieval Chant & Polyphony For St.


Miracles of Sant'Iago



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Format: CD
Condition: N.MINT / MINT (Media / Cover)    More Info
Label: Harmonia Mundi
Released: 1998
Genre: Classical
Barcode: 93046995621
Quantity: 1 in stock
Seller Ref:   M2390

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Much More Music

Much More Music (Shropshire, United Kingdom)

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1Invitatory: Venite Omnes Cristicole1:15
2Processional: Salve Festa Dies4:37
3Benedicamus Trope: Vox Nostra Resonet1:35
4Invitatory: Regem Regum Dominum0:50
5Benedicamus Trope: Nostra Phalanx Plaudat Leta2:23
6Antiphon: Ad Sepulcrum Beati Iacobi2:10
7Benedicamus Trope: Ad Superni Regis Decus3:01
8Brief Responsory: Iacobe Servorum2:10
9Benedicamus Domino1:50
10Conductus: In Hac Die Laudes4:26
11Kyrie Trope: Cunctipotens Genitor5:13
12Hymn: Psallat Chorus Celestium1:07
13Prosa: Alleluia: Gratulemur Et Letemur6:24
14Offertory: Ascendens Ihesus In Montem3:44
15Agnus Dei Trope: Qui Pius Ac Mitis2:19
16Benedicamus Trope: Gratulantes Celebremus Festum2:42
17Conductus: Iacobe Sancte Tuum4:58
18Responsory: O Adiutor Omnium Seculorum8:36
19Prosa: Portum In Ultimo2:39
20Benedicamus Trope: Congaudeant Catholici3:34
21Prosa: Clemens Servulorum4:48

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